Tuesday, December 15, 2009

You Fail At Healing If...

It is Tuesday and everyone knows what that means. It is time with the weekly you fail post. To all the new readers, and I know there is a bunch of you since my visitors and page views have almost double since last week. This is where I poke fun at all the wonderful idiots in this game. Who knows you may have been one of these idiots at one time or maybe just maybe you still are. So here goes.

You Fail At Healing If...
  • You think Discipline Priests are for raid healing
  • You are a shaman who stacks spirit
  • You believe druid healing is difficult
  • A holy priest spec'd into renew but never cast it
  • You use the default UI
  • Your method as a druid healer is to spam healing touch
  • The mages in your raids have higher mp5 than you
  • You pointlessly socket hump
  • You cast pain suppression before the pull starts
  • A discipline priest was higher than you on the healing meters
  • You are only able to heal people in your group
  • If you have less mana then a ret pally
  • The concepts of intervate and mana tide are foreign to you
  • You let yourself die while healing others
  • You heal retards standing in fire
  • You are a druid who brags he is on top of the healing meter like its an accomplishment
  • When your tank dies you blame it on the tank
  • Your dps during a pull is higher than your hps

and finally

  • You switch a toon over to your other account and get locked out of your 25 man raid :).

I know some guildies will get a kick out of the last one. Anyways that's this weeks post hope you enjoyed it. Keep the cross server pugs stories coming you have till Thursday night to get them in. Enjoy Free Loot Tuesday everyone!


  1. I heal the failures so they will owe me later.


  2. why would you spec into something and not use it? Are people that retarded?

  3. obviously if the tank dies its his fault. Hes dead.

  4. Thanks for this post. As a disc priest, the only thing I hate more than druid healers are druid healers that brag about topping the meters. How I despise them. Love your blog.

  5. shamans with spirit gems are where its at

  6. LOL great stuff as always

  7. Finally someone sticks up for us healers...or makes us look stupid either way it works