Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Noob Moments of the Year

So it's New Year's Eve and I am getting ready to head out. Play some poker, watch some hockey, and have too much to drink. Of course though I couldn't not post today, especially with all the new people coming here looking for something to read. So, I thought since tomorrow is the list of every one's submissions for noob of the year, I decided today I will list the moments of the year for me where I was pretty damn noob.
  • In Three Score we have this tradition in Ulduar on Mimiron. When approaching the boss everyone has to walk backwards through the bombs. By walk I mean actually walk so you must toggle it on. The other tradition is to teabag whomever dies from the bombs. Why? Because someone might have actually missed that you died. Anyways, someone died and I cannot even remember who, but it was in the middle of the road. I went out to practice traditions and didn't see the incoming bombs while I was teabaggin. Gauss down.
  • As raid leader you always have to make sure everyone is prepared for each and every pull you do. This also includes yourself. I was tanking a 10 man ToC when I forgot to change my spec. Surprisingly we were able to kill the beasts with my bars all wrong and me spec'd as full DPS arms. But they will never let me live it down regardless.
  • The magic carpet used to be a vehicle, which was fine. The problem was I would always log off up in the air on it. When the game loads in you are not placed in a vehicle if you logged out in one. I would always fall to my death..
  • I was running Gundrak with 4 guildies and helping them get the less-rabi achievement. I was tanking and said I had the first interrupt no problem at all. That was I said it. When we pulled the entire 2 second cast went through without me interrupting it. It was pretty fail and I deserve to be made fun of for it.
  • This winter veil I had a guildie send me about 100 gifts in the mail with the tag "One of these contains an epic" I opened them all only to find level 3 axes or polished stones. I hate you Nj
  • When ToC came out right from the get go I started farming for Banner of Victory. You know the ArP trinket. Well I must have did ToC regular about 150 times before I finally got it to drop. I was running that place so many times trying to get it to drop I got in the groove of sharding everything that dropped. I sharded the trinket...
  • Doing Zul'frak to help some guildies level alts up I decided to pull the entire instance. It was going pretty well until I got chain knocked down and ended up wiping us. Not to mention other times during the same runs I got Hexed. When this happened the mass of trolls ran and killed everyone while ended up living. Funny but unproductive since it meant I had to do the instance again.
  • In Three Score we use a Loot Council. I can say we work hard at it and have discussions on every drop. This past week in Icecrown Citadel doing loot from the Gunship we talked about this ring for a good 10 minutes. It was narrowed down to two people. We decided and were all in agreement except I ended up looting it to the other person. Nothing like asking someone to give the ring they wanted to someone else. Sorry Rastaz.
  • All I have to say is plug in my laptop. You don't know how many times I forget to do this. It is so bad that everyone on vent asks me if its plugged in before each and every raid.
  • I was showing off my RP set in nexus. The one you actually see at the bottom of this page. It was a cross server group and you know if you have ever been in a group with me I like to talk. Probably to the point where you wish you could slap me upside the head. Anyways, I cannot remember how I died, but I ran back. I put on the RP set and starting running towards the group. Let's just say I have like 6k HP if I am lucky. The flowers of power had their way with me. Yes the flowers that you can 1 shot killed me.

So there is my New Years gift to everyone. Things to laugh at Gauss for. Reminder you have till tonight to send in your Noob of the Year entries. Happy New Year! Make sure you get home safe and don't do anything stupid.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Pi Guy

Well, yesterday was the day the interview went up at If you are interested in taking a look at it click here. Let's just say a lot has happened in these past 20 hours. My blog had 5x its previous high for hits. If I thought I got a lot of tells in game before yesterday proved me wrong. Everyone wanted a piece of me it seemed. If I missed your tell I apologize I tried to answer everyone, but I may have missed some. The emails, I am still getting through and I'm thankful I'm currently on vacation or I wouldn't have close to the time needed to get through them all. I promise I will answer everyone who sends something it just may take some time to catch up.

When I was first approached for the article I really had no idea why I seemed so interesting to Lisa. She told me "the story is just a great story". Apparently she was right and I was wrong. Even if I don't understand it entirely I am glad everyone has found it so interesting. I have been told I should probably try and go over what I wrote before posting it. I cannot promise my English or grammar will always be perfect, but I will try. I am a mathie after all.

I got many tells and emails about joining my guild. We are always looking for great players. You will see a link on the sidebar to Three Score's website. Please fill out the application there and myself and my officers will go through them.

Now I thought this was a joke when first asked, but then I got many more emails and tells about it. No I do not have "Gauss Nation" clothing and I am not really planning on it. I am pretty sure that would be going a little too far.

In regards to the songs. I have no plans to release a CD, mostly because nails on a chalkboard sound much better than me singing, or at least so I have been told. If someone wants to use them I have no problem with it. I made them all in good fun anyway.

If you have a Math question I would be glad to help you out with it. Just try not to expect an answer quickly if I am raiding or generally busy in game. I am not ignoring you I am probably trying to make sure I don't die or wipe the group/raid.

I think that takes care of all the general questions I was asked. To all my new readers I hope you stick around. I try to entertain and have fun at the same time, just don't take me too seriously. The plan for Friday is still the same. Send me your "Noob of the Year" submissions with their stories by Thursday night.

Lastly, thank you all for your support. It has been a blast and I hope to keep this train going. If for no other reason but for PI!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

You Fail At Raid Leading If...

So it's Tuesday and if you have been reading long enough you know that means it's time for the "You Fail" post. If you didn't know well you do now. So sit back enjoy and poke fun at the people who do these things.

You Fail At Raid Leading If...
  • You don't have and interesting pull macro
  • You do ready checks to see if people are ready for ready checks
  • You forget to put it on Master Loot
  • You put a resto shaman in a group with hunters
  • Melee DPS makes up half your raid
  • The entire raid can hear you drinking or eating over vent
  • Your best explanation on a fight is "Don't Die"
  • You allowed Bagellord into your raid and it wasn't for comic relief
  • You are ordering people around while your mom is yelling at you in background
  • You miss click your pull button before knowing everyone is ready
  • You give the Disc Priest raid healing assignments
  • You die to the very things you said you would kick people out of the raid for doing
  • You wing it comes to planning strategy
  • You believe playing with jetpacks adds to intense focus
  • You throw emo fits because in your opinion it makes people respect you more
  • You try to compare all aspects of the encounter to real life situations

and finally

  • You're a ret pally

Keep on sending in your Noob of the year submissions. They have to be in by Thrusday evening to get a shot at appearing in the post. Keep enjoying the holidays and may you never group with Wally.

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Moments of the Year to Remember

So this week I plan on reviewing things that have happened throughout the year. Mostly because its the end of the year and that is what people do. They reflect on what has happened. So today going to refresh people or tell them for the first time about some great events from the past year.

The Blog Started: Well when I started this I never thought people would become as attached to it as they have. When I get emails or tells in game waiting for the next post it is really mind boggling. Also I love the reactions out of people bad or good. I have had people who want to kill me, insult beyond compare, or people who said they couldn't stop laughing. I will keep this going as long as people find it entertaining.

"You look down to dive in water": I will never forget the day I was running people through SSC and this idiot asked for a summon because he didn't know how to dive in water. "you look down to dive in water" is really a saying which has become immortalised. One small step for a noob one giant leap for noobkind.

For The Hordes: So this has been going on for about 5 months. Fri-Sun every weekend and sometimes a bonus one here or there. The quest to get every horde player no matter the level their black war bear. Who can forget the Ultimates with 100+ hordies or the epic run of a level 1. These have basically become a tradition on Llane something I also hope to keep going as long as people will keep coming.

Ulduar Patch Day: Killing FL and being unable to loot, being stuck in the instance and unable to log on, everything in my interface basically broken. In my opinion the worst patch day in the history of WoW and that includes the Sunwell patch. At least the trailer was good...

Gnome King Kite: Whoever thought we could pull this off? Even though the little bastard took frequent breaks to shoot me in the face with his goblin dragon gun he made it to Undercity. He also got owned when he was there by everything including the Dark Lady herself. Tyrande remember we are coming for you.

100,000 Honorable kills: This isn't a big deal achievement, but for me there is a story behind it. When I hit High Warlord I had just over 90,000. Most of those kills were done in WSG through the massive amount of games I had played. This basically made me hate Battlegrounds with a passion for the longest time. Today I still do them minimally just to have a good time with guildies. So it took me over 3 years to get the last 10,000. More than double the time it took me to get the first 90,000. It is now done and I am part of the group of insane people with way too many kills.

RNG and Gaussie Made Peace: The random number generator and myself after 5 years of playing this game have finally made peace. This past year I have gotten weapons, rare mounts, and quest drops with minimal cursing. Of course that doesn't mean I understand him yet. As there as still things the RNG refuses to release into my grasp. Let's hope next year the relationship stays the same or gets better.

Church of Gauss Formed: Yes I have a church. I honestly don't know why exactly but it has been created. So know I have had an Army, Fan Club, Emporium, and now a Church. I wonder and I am scared at what is to come next.

Met Bagellord: I never thought I could met someone in this game that could be as special as Bagellord. All the things he did amazed me, died in a fire, jumped off a boat and died from fatigue, rezed before he hit the ground only to die again. These are just a couple of the countless things our dear friend has done. He has given me a lifetime of material and I guess I should thank him for that. So thank you Bagellord. Well I may be getting ahead of myself, but this could be out as early as tomorrow. If not it won't be till the new year because of their end of year commitments. This is all thanks to you all and your support. So I thank you all for that.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Troll Named Wally

So I do my random instance everyday for my frost badges with a random pug mostly because I find it amusing. The special people from other servers never cease to amaze me. Yesterday was different, because the people in the group were extra special. First off it has come to my attention that people from Burning Blade and Eonar are the most special. I had come to this conclusion even before this instance, but they just enforced the point.

To set the scene. I queued as DPS mostly because I didn't feel like paying much attention. Doing this i can also ramble on, and still poke fun at the others and still show them how it is really done. Going in as DPS though I must admit like 90% of the time I end up tanking. Anyways, I am getting off topic. So I got Old Kingdom. The reason I hate getting OK is because some idiot always wants to clear the whole place because they need more badges. For those people you get in groups I will give you something you can explain to people with Bagellord intellect.

1)Clearing a wrath Instance in a pug = 20min (this is doing the minimum of the instance)
2)3-4 bosses give 3-4 badges
3) OK has 3 bosses you need to do. It takes like the 20min in the pug
4)The extra 2 bosses take 10-15min from this you will get 2 badges
5)When you queue for a random heroic you get a bonus 2 badges

Option 1
Do the minimum in OK get 3 badges and re queue for a new instance finish it in 20min and get a minimum of 3(OK) + 3(new instance) + 2(bonus) = 8 badges

Option 2
Do the max in OK(minimum 40 minutes) the re queue for a new instance. In the same time as above you earn OK(5) + 2(new instance) = 7 badges. This is also the max you could earn in the time frame. You may not even get through 2 bosses in the new instance.

Please pass this around to the idiots who think they get more badges in less time by clearing the entire instance.

So back to my story. I get in there and say we are doing the minimum. The tank, healer, DPS(Wally) said they needed badges and want to do the entire instance. The shaman didn't care. I explained to them their logic was flawed, and they obviously were that special kind of stupid for not believing me. The tank then started going on about how great of a tank he was and that because he was the tank in this instance he was going to decide what would be cleared. I told him I would be glad to put that comment to the test if he didn't do the minimum. I even gave him the option to clear the minimum then re queue afterwards if he wanted to waste his time. He just kept saying I don't make the decision and I could leave if I wanted to. I wasn't getting the debuff, but I also wasn't letting this piece of crap get his way. He pull the second trash pack, and I pulled the 3rd,4th, and 5th. This awesome tank couldn't get aggro and we wiped. My comment "I thought you were awesome?" didn't go over very well.

He started going crazy emo saying he knew I pulled those packs. He went on bitching and complaining when eventually he left, and so did his healer buddy. The shaman was kinda pissed I wiped us, and Wally the mage was too busy crying. Of course I had to switch to Tank, brought in Vinletsu because Vin of all people would find this amusing. The shaman kept crying and Vin kicked him. Bring on the Truck(NJ) and we were in business. Queued for the other and of course we get a ret pally. How much better could this get?

Wally was still crying that he wasn't going to do the entire instance. He was so busy sulking that he was not even in the instance while we 4 manned it and he didn't get ANY of the badges he was crying that he needed. Great logic on this tard. While I was tanking I looked him up on armory to find out he was a socket humping idiot with 100% of his gear from heroics, Naxx, or badge gear. I very much enjoyed the hit rating gem when he had almost 400 hit. Wally from Eonar check him out if you need a laugh. We were all making fun of him in the group for sitting outside the instance crying about not being able to do the whole instance. He kept saying we were going to wipe. When I told him I was going to make him famous by doing a piece on him tomorrow he laughed. The best was when the ret pally started on him. When you get made fun of by a ret pally you know you are lower than low.

We finished the instance without a problem doing the minimum just like I said would happen. Wally missed out on all his badges the ones he so desperately wanted, but the most important thing is we got to meet Wally. In his honor I have come up with an achievement.

Where's Wally: Cry for an entire instance when you don't get your way, refuse to leave and think you are awesome for wasting your time when you could have been doing the very thing you were complaining about.Congrats Wally, I will be sure as I am sure many of the Gauss Nation will be sure to visit you.

All this week I will be doing posts which some up the year. For the reader post this week which will be back on Friday this week. I am looking for your Noob of the year. Submit a name, submit a story, anything will work. You have until Thursday night.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day!!

So for those of you non Canadians you may not know that today is Boxing Day. To avoid a history lesson basically we get the day off. This is also the day of the biggest sales in the country. Basically the same as Black Friday in the US. Crazy shopping on everything around and crazy people who will do anything to get what they want. One year I was run over by a guy in a wheelchair and he wanted me to say sorry to him for being in his way. Apparently I had slowed him up from get the extra 20% off of the thing he was never going to use. I was a better person then, and held in everything I wanted to say. He wouldn't be so lucky if that happened today.

Anyways so today as I was in the car looking at all the people outside of the stores going absolutely mad. I thought, what would it be like if WoW had a shopping day? They could even make it fun and make it alliance and horde pvp zone. Oh the fun that would be had. Could have quests such as ninjaing the last of a particular item and laughing at the person who wanted it, Could be an achievement to survive a trampling crowd, and my favourite the "the ass" title for the person who buys every single of a particular item just to laugh at the others who wanted them. I actually did this one time. Well I didn't buy them I put every single one in my cart and walked around the store. The looks I got and the amount of things I was called. I almost wish I had recorded it.

So Blizzard let us try something like this. Even make it a one day a year battleground. The QQing which would take place would be epic, and then you would talk about it all year till the next. Ah the memories to last a lifetime.

Hope every one's Christmas was good or whatever it is you celebrate. Things will be getting back to a somewhat normal schedule Gauss wise soon enough. Till Tomorrow!

Friday, December 25, 2009

A Warcraft Carol

Marley was dead. Really dead. Not the "need to visit the Spirit Healer and get re-rezzed with a 25% hit to my item durability" dead. He was the "nerfed" kind of dead. He was the "eliminated from the item database and not coming back" kind of dead. In other words, Marley was dead. This story's not about him, however. This is about his partner, the Master of the "Dickensian Workhouse" Guild, Ebeneezer Scrooge. Now Scrooge, though human, tended to hang around the Ironforge Auction House where he boasted the unique virtue of making the local goblins look like philanthropists.

"Have a wondrous Winter Veil, Master Scrooge, sir." The pathetic excuse for a Hunter greeted him as he left the Auction house for the day. Bob Cratchit, a Dickensian Workhouse Initiate and a regular visitor at the auction house, smiled his pathetic smile while his pet, a sad looking Tallstrider who, despite his name, wasn't very tall at all, named "Tiny Tim" lurked behind him and tried to not be seen.

"Bah, Humbug!" Scrooge said by way of response.

"Bah, Humbug?" Cratchit replied.

Scrooge shrugged, "It's the only thing that'd get past the chat filter." Then his expression changed. "Cratchit!" he yelled, "What are you doing here?" He looked over Cratchit's right shoulder, "You've got an entire quest log filled with things you should be doing! Why are you in Ironforge wasting my time when you should be out collecting useless trinkets from monsters that I can auction off?"

"Well, sir." He replied. "It's just that it's Winter Veil tomorrow, sir, and I was wondering…"

Scrooge looked around at the silly decorations that had sprouted all over the front hall of Ironforge. He hated it. Indeed, the whole reason he had moved to Ironforge from Stormwind was the gloomy atmosphere made him feel more at home. "Oh, dear!" he said in mock sympathy, "It's Winter Veil! I had almost forgotten! If only there were more reminders besides those damnable goblins decorating every major city in Azeroth to within an inch of its life, and those damn fool adventurers getting in snowball fights all day long in front of the bank!"

Cratchit ignored the sarcasm. "I was wondering sir, Tiny Tim's happiness icon is getting very red. I was wondering if I could have..." he trailed off.

Scrooge sighed, "Out with it, man."

"A few extra experience points, sir. I've gotten beaten up by Ol' Sooty about 16 times now and I just need an extra level to take him down. For Winter Veil, sir."

Scrooge fairly exploded, "A few extra experience points? Is that all? Why, young man, when I was your age we had to earn our experience points! We had none of these fancy-schmancy doodads. No Quest logs, no mini-maps, no gryphon flights, no round-robin looting. Nope. We didn't even have 3D back then, and we liked it! That's the problem with the modern age, you youngsters have it too easy. Then, to top it all off, you have the temerity to ask me for extra points… For Winter Veil?"

Cratchit said nothing. Finally Scrooge threw up his hands in an /exasperation emote.

"Fine." He said. "Head over to the bank and talk to a goblin named Wulmore Jinglepocket, the Smokeywood Pastures vendor. He'll give you a couple of brain-dead n00b quests that are good for about 2000 xp. But know this! After Winter Veil is over, I'll expect at least 60 units of Copper and Tin each to make up for it!"

Cratchit clearly didn't hear the last portion, because he merely smiled his idiot smile and ran off searching for a gold exclamation point.

Later that evening, Scrooge reclined in a bed in one of Ironforge's inns and, not for the first time, cursed the lack of player housing. He had just finished his evening repast and was about to log off when a thin, reedy voice, clearly using an older version of the EAX sound drivers, wafted across the room.

"Ebeneezer Scrooge..." it said.

"Hey!" Somebody else in the inn yelled, "Stop spamming the general channel with that RP crap!"

"Who... who is it?" Ebeneezer replied.

The vision that appeared before him was a horror. It was the ghost of his old partner, Jacob Marley. The spirit was bound in chains attached to boxes. Scrooge looked at the titles and images on them. Daikatana! The Nintendo 64 Superman! The Atari 2600 Pac-Man! BMX XXX! The hideous evil that wafted from the boxes was almost more than Scrooge could stand.

"Marley!" Scrooge cried. "How can this be? You're dead, but I know I am not."

"Are you sure?" Marley replied.

"Of course." Scrooge said. "Otherwise the world would be all gray and shiny like when Frodo put on the Ring in the movie."

Marley waved him off. "That doesn't matter, Ebeneezer. You are right, you're not dead. You're worse. You're a forum troll, a spammer, an item re-seller, and a chiseler who sells common drops for ten times their worth to clueless n00bs!"

"I'm no worse than you were, Jacob."

Marley held up his chains. "And behold my fate! Is this what you wish Ebeneezer? To go through an eternity where the very best games available are made by Acclaim?" He shook a copy of Turok: Evolution in Scrooge's face.

The old Guild Master screamed. "No, no. Anything but that! How do I avoid such a fate, Jacob?"

"You shall be visited by three spirits who shall show you the error of your ways. Truly embrace the lessons they have to teach and you shall be spared."

Scrooge put on his best alt-persona. "You betcha, Jacob. Why I can already feel it working!" He noticed that "The Three Spirits" had appeared in his quest log.

Marley just shook his head. "Three spirits. One chance. That's all you've got, Ebeneezer." Than he faded away.

Scrooge sat back, trying to absorb what he had just seen. "Damn role-players." He muttered. Just then he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around. He was facing a tall, bearded human wearing luxurious finery and a crown. He had short, blond hair with one long braid that trailed down over his shoulder and he looked vaguely familiar.

"Do I know you, sir?" he said.

"I am Lord British!" the man boomed. "And I am the ghost of Winter Veil Past! I shall show you flashes of your younger days that you might learn their lessons well." He lunged forward and grabbed Scrooge by the collar. The next thing he knew he was standing in a crudely drawn and oddly flat village. All around him people were yelling at each other, fighting rats because the rabbits were too tough, getting ninja-looted and griefed left and right by higher level players. Every now and then the whole world flickered in and out as a server crashed under the weight. The anguish was palpable.

"Do you know where you are?" Lord British asked.

"Of course!" Scrooge cried. "This is Ultima Online! It's only a couple of days after launch." He looked around, "I'd forgotten how crappy the graphics were back then."

"And do you know who that is?" he said pointing to a young Paladin at the town gates.

"Listen, people!" The Paladin was yelling. "It doesn't have to be like this! We need to work together to make the kind of server shard we can all enjoy! Help the n00bs, they're the future of the game! Stop killing every player you come across and work together to make the kind of world I saw in beta!"

One of the other fighters laughed, "LOL, D00d, I'm gonna Ownz0rEd you!"

"That's me!" Scrooge said in wonder. "I'd forgotten about this. Look how passionate I was."

Lord British nodded, "Yes, you were. What happened to you, Ebeneezer?"

"Nobody cared." Scrooge said, "I got tired of endless message board flame wars, of idiots in groups who couldn't take their pet off "Aggressive" and drew monster agro, of the people who looted someone else's kill, or snuck in and stole a treasure chest just after you cleared the monsters. I guess I gave up."

"Is that why you treat your Guild initiate Cratchit so badly?" Scrooge looked around. Lord British was gone. In his place was an oddly beautiful, though menacingly monstrous, green-skinned woman.

"I'm Kerrigan." she said. "I am the ghost of Winter Veil Present."

"Wait a minute!" Scrooge said. "You're not even from this genre!"

Kerrigan shrugged. "It pays the bills until StarCraft II comes out."

"And when is that?" Scrooge slyly hinted.

Kerrigan smiled, "Wouldn't you like to know? Anyway, that's not why I'm here." She waved her clawed hand and they appeared on a green wooded slope that overlooked an enormous blue lake. Scrooge recognized the place as Grizzlepaw Ridge in Loch Modan. In front of him, he saw Cratchit. The pathetic 13th level Hunter and his Tallstrider were fighting a 20th level Elite mob called "Ol' Sooty" and at least 2 other 18th level Patriarch Grizzly bears. The fight naturally, didn't last long. More awful, though, was the next five times when Cratchit reappeared and launched himself into battle again and again.

"Where are your buffs, you fool?" Scrooge said. "He didn't even remember to turn on Aspect of the Hawk or feed his pet! I bet he's probably fighting with broken equipment, too." This time the battle was even shorter. Another death and a rez later and Cratchit was back fighting Ol' Sooty. "Group up, you nincompoop!" he shouted and then turned to Kerrigan. "Why can't he hear me?"

"We're stealthed." She replied.

"Why doesn't he put together some macros?" Scrooge asked. "Or get some better equipment?"

"Why are you asking me, Ebeneezer?" Kerrigan asked, "He's your Guild mate. He's passed along his rare drops and materials the way he was supposed to, but have you taken him under your wing as a Guild Master should? Have you shown him the tricks for fighting 'Leet Mobs? Have you passed on your old equipment or does all you find go up for auction to strangers to feed your never-ending hunger for gold?"

Scrooge activated his /sad emote. "You're right" he said. "I could have helped. It was my responsibility to help and now he might cancel his account - all because of me!" But Kerrigan was nowhere to be seen. Instead Scrooge found himself a nondescript young man wearing a suit and tie and smiling at him with bright, even teeth. Despite his seeming inoffensiveness, though, the waves of darkness and hatred pulsing from the man almost bowled Scrooge over.

"Hi!" The young man said, "I'm Bob from Marketing. I'm here to show you a projection of Winter Veils to come."

The world shifted and Scrooge found himself standing on an empty but surprisingly well-rendered plain. In the distance he could see a beautiful city made of shining steel and glass. Despite the surface attractiveness, though, the people running by and fighting their empty, meaningless, battles didn't seem to be happy. Snatches of conversation drifted on the wind. "Where's the combat revamp?..." "Why did you nerf the Bounty Hunters?", "Devs, please respond!"

"Thanks to players like you, our profits are up 62% this year." Bob was saying. "It helps that we're now the only player in the MMORPG category, so players have nowhere else to go." Overhead a well-rendered triangular spaceship loomed into view.

"No." Scrooge said. "No, no, no, no! Oh, no!" despite his denials, though, the truth was all around him. "I'm in Star Wars: Galaxies!"

He threw himself at Bob's feet. "Please, Spirit! Tell me that this can be changed, that I may yet have time to save myself from this fate" Bob just laughed at him. "I swear to you, to all of you, to honor the Winter Veil season in my heart and to be the kind of player that I, myself would wish to group with. Please, Spirit, tell me that I may be saved!"

There was no answer. Bob from Marketing was gone, as was the well-rendered city. Scrooge was in the Ironforge Inn.

"They did it!" Scrooge said, leaping from the bed and activating his /dance emote. "Oh, thank you Spirits, for showing me the true meaning of this season!" He gathered up his equipment. "I've got to get busy, so much to do!"

The next morning, a bedraggled and haggard Cratchit found Scrooge in his customary place outside the Auction House. "I'm sorry, Mr. Scrooge." Cratchit said. "I just can't seem to kill Ol' Sooty."

"Oh, really?" Scrooge said with a harsh expression on his face. "That's just what I expected from you. I'm afraid you leave me no choice Mr. Cratchit…" Suddenly Scrooge's face broke out into a wider smile than the Hunter would have believed possible, "…but to give you the equipment you need to do the job right!" Suddenly Cratchit's Trade window opened and a slew of gear came flooding through. Agility boots! Bracers with +7 Stamina! A fancy silk shirt! A 35 Armor Cloak of the Whale! Vegetables for Tiny Tim! And silver, lots and lots of silver!

"Mr. Scrooge?" Cratchit said.

"It has come to my attention recently that I have not been the Guild Master that you need and deserve." Scrooge said, "But I plan to change that starting now. Would you group with me?"

Scarely believing what had happened, Cratchit hit the "Accept" button. "It'd be an honor, sir!"

"Then follow me, Mr. Cratchit!" Scrooge cried as he ran for the Gryphons, "Together we'll show Ol' Sooty what our Guild can do!"

"Right you are, Mr. Scrooge!" Cratchit called back, "And if I may say, sir 'Titans bless us, every one!'"

Thank gamespy for the great write up. I wanted to share it with you all. Merry Christmas and Happy Winter Veil all.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

I Have This Snowball Just For You

So this weeks reader's contribution was pretty simple. If you had only one snowball, who would you throw it at and why? Some of the submissions were pretty funny. Some were funny, but there is no way I would included them. I got many of the same so the way I am going to do this was take the most popular ones and blend your reasons all together. So here goes the top 10 snowball targets are.

10)Hells___: Everyone on Llane knows this guy from trade chat with his random comments which most of the time make little sense. Other times they make you laugh. It was said someone wanted to throw one so hard at him just to see what he would pull out of his ass next.

9)King Varian: Is there anyone in WoW whose face you want to hit as much as this guy? He always looks so smug like he is the greatest gift to everyone. Always picking fights with everyone it is about time people let him have it.

8)Brann Bronzebeard: The NPC that wants you to do all the work for you. For the explorer type he knows little about where to find things. He is to busy drooling over the things he is looking at you could blindside him and knock him out cold. I would indeed in Brann's words "Relish that moment".

7)Polar Bear Girl: So instead of giving you a mount this NPC sometimes gives you snowballs. Just the frustration of having to do that dicipline daily another day is enough to drive someone mad. Honestly if it was up to me she would be number one. I am not gonna lie she has felt my wrath many times, but it seems my point has not gotten across.

6)Saurfang: I am not sure who all has done the Deathbringer Saurfang encounter in Icecrown Citadel yet. I am guessing if more people would have he would be much higher on the list. Every attempt you have the witness the event. Just like with Illidan it is cool the first couple times, but by the 10th you would really prefer to drill a hole in your head. So take that Saurfang and let the pelting begin.

5)Arthas: Always saying he can kill me with one snap of his finger. Always threatening and never providing proof. He is like an infomerical with one of those fake audiences. Until you can prove it my snowball is coming right to your face.

4)Wilfred Fizzlebang: Can you walk any slower? Like honestly? At least when he gets one shot by Lord Jaraxxus it is somewhat satisfying. Maybe its just because hes a gnome, but who cares. WTB snowball machine inside ToC. I really don't think anyone would have a problem assisting on this target.

3)Garrosh: Our favourite brown orc. What is people's problem with minorities. Just think of the things this guy would do if he was being pelted with snowballs. He went crazy when someone called him a dog. He would probably declare war on any place where snow exists. Oh Garrosh, how you are such an easy target.

2)Tiron Fordring: The king of the Ret Pallys anyway. The leader of the band of complainers. The guy who can't stop talking positive all the time. Maybe if someone pelted him it might knock some sense into him. We can dream can't we?

1)Gauss: Let's just say I was a little surprised. You all love me this much, eh? I know there hasn't been a day when I haven't been hit by at least 20 snowballs, but I get you all back. So bring it and I will be ready to fire back.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Winter Veil

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tyrande We WIll Be Back

So here I was finishing up my random heroic and trying to find something interesting to do. My Warcraft I have a dream speech just wasn't flowing out how I wanted to, although we made some progress. Anyways, we decide to attempt to kite an alliance leader again. What we knew was Magni and Varian couldn't be. Silly Blizzard wanted to ruin the fun in that regard. So what to do then? Tyrande! It was just going to be a few of us. Sadly though when I brought here out of the temple and tried to run her through the portal she reset. Guards can come through the portal but the Priestess cannot. No worries we went to Plan B. What was Plan B you ask? Well we were going to take her down the world tree one branch or ledge at a time. I know what you're thinking, I'm mad. To answer that, you didn't know this already?

To point out first she doesn't have a leash, probably because Blizzard thinks no sane person would try to bring her down the world tree. They need to be introduced to me. First we had to solve the stopping and starfall problem. This was easy we burned her entire mana pool. We then found the spot we wanted and started falling with the leviates. We made it to the first branch and didn't overshoot it or die. Well two of us that is, Myself and Vinletsu. So I had a healer and some to levitate. The next step didn't go so well, Vin chose himself or me and I died faceplanting into the next branch. If only the rest of our group didn't miss! To Vin's credit healing, levitating and paying attention to where you are falling is rather difficult doing solo.

We tried again going down by the waterfall. This time the whole group made it. Although some died but we were able to rez. We got about half way down the tree. Have a look.
Thank Zyto for the good Screen. Some how we got under a branch here. Probably a glitch but the ledge here made things simple. Funny story here was Vinletsu, Zyto, and Droodle ended up falling and Canthony had to heal me and keep me alive while they made their way back. Canthony is a Shadow Priest. He kept me alive though so all was well. The problem we had from here although we could get down this far pretty easy we didn't see where to go from here. In the other spot there was plenty of branches. Here there was just a pretty waterfall. We tried going down scaling the wall and it was working until she got the mana back to starfall and we just got to far away and she reset. We discovered how easy it was to get half way on this side the last part would be near impossible.
So we will be back another day and take here down the other side. Thrall's Christmas gift of Tyrande will just have to wait a few days. So since we came all this way we decided to have some fun. Off the tree we went all 6 of us.

Here is Zyto's look at me Levitating off

So there you have it. We will be back and we will get it done. Maybe some of you will like to come along?

Again tonight is your last day to get snowball submissions. That post will be going up one day early since I have something special for Christmas Day. I also just finished my interview with and it might be up as soon as Tuesday. I will be sure to keep you all posted.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

You Fail at Tanking If...

It's Tuesday! If you don't know what that means you obviously are new around here, which lately there seems to be new people everyday. The Gauss Nation is growing at a rapid pace. Tuesday's posts always have to do with ways people fail. Each week I pick something to focus on. This is where you laugh, cry, and point at the people that do these things. Enjoy!

You Fail at Tanking If...
  • Your only form of maintaining aggro is to use your taunt button
  • You can only pull packs of mobs every 3 minutes
  • You think it is bad to use frost pressence because it lowers your DPS
  • Your healers have more hit than you
  • The DPS in your group have more HP than you
  • You charge in without changing out of your DPS spec
  • Your tanking style is like watching a Coyote and roadrunner cartoon
  • You have defence gems in your gear
  • Your weapon skill is higher than your defence skill
  • You have a berzerking enchant
  • You're a Priest
  • You think there is a two handed tanking spec as a warrior
  • People pull aggro by auto attacking
  • You enjoy taking it from behind
  • You confuse "stack on top of one another" with "be on oppostie sides of the room"
  • You are a pally who cannot hold aggro

and of course

  • You let Gauss DPS in your 5 man heroic

Tomorrow night is the last day to get your snowball targets in for Thursday's post. Yes remember it is Thursday this week and not Friday. That whole Christmas thing messes with timing. As a reminder to everyone since I have had a lot of questions lately. To email me, send Screenshots, and all that jazz click on my profile to the Right(---->) and click on the email button. Have a good one.

Monday, December 21, 2009


I have been running For The Horde groups for months now. These groups as most of you know are just thrown together through trade in my attempt to get every horde on the server a Black War Bear. Now of course this has spawned people coming on extremely low levels, every alt they have, and of course people who want to just come for kicks. The one thing that has been lacking is the attempt to stop me. I was beginning to think that the alliance was letting me go in and do my thing. I have even tried to stir up trouble. Killing the auctioneers, the NPCs, and even kiting the Gnome King to The Undercity. The alliance must have known I was coming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. How could they not? I am not saying there was never any defence, because there has been. These small groups of resistance were nothing. I have been wanting for them to throw an army at me.

Saturday it started. Gimmlette our good friend from Spectacular Death had got some people to Ironforge. It was a smaller force and was a little late. They didn't pull off the wipe, but they downed me not too long after the king had fallen. That was just the beginning. Yesterday, Gimm had messaged me while I was setting up the raid, "see you in Ironforge" was the plan. I saw here on the docks in Auberdine and thought nothing of it. That was my mistake. Darnasuss and Exodar went off like a hitch, Stormwind though was another story. I ran into that keep like it was any other day. Let's just say I had never seen so many alliance in the keep at one time. I was not prepared, as Illidan would say. I was taken and made to kiss the floor without a kill. The game was on as I saw it. I was expecting the defence to be in Ironforge and not Stormwind. Therefore I had not prepared the group for anything other than 20 defenders.

We were moving to Ironforge and we would be ready. I would not fail twice in one day, it wouldn't happen. From Badlands we rode. Stormed through the gates. Of course running through the front gates isn't the most stealth thing to do and we were discovered quickly. We ended up having 5 waves of alliance all controlled and killed perfectly. Sure it was the slowest boss burn I have ever had, but they came to defend their king. How I have waited for this kind of fight. King went down, and looking at the doors and I knew we were done for. What to do at a time like this? Charge the bastards screaming Pi. If I am going down I am taking some with me.

So thanks Gimm for getting people to put up a fight. It makes the runs so much more excited. Getting 200+ kills in Ironforge taking down the king is the way it should be. Nothing should be easy, and I won't make the mistake of not being ready again.

Another reminder to send me your snowball targets. You only have till Wednesday night because of Christmas. Happy Winter Veil!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Something About Winter Veil

So before I get to today's topic. I want to point out that submissions this week will be due on Wednesday night and not Thursday, because I have a special topic for Christmas Day. This week I want you to tell me about the person you would through a snowball at if you only had one. Be sure to explain why. Also I want to thank everyone who sent me something or talked to me about Again I thank you all for the support. So now its time for a song! I have written a song some of you non Canadians may not know. Bryan Adams "Something About Christmas Time". So here goes hope you like it.

Something About Winter Veil
We waited all through the year
For snowballs to appear
When we could pelt each other in harmony
You know this time would come
Gnome costumes for everyone
and we can rez forever, in Azeroth we're free
Let's get Metzen you and me.
There's something about Winter Veil
Something about Winter Veil
That makes you wish it was Winter Veil everyday
To see the horror in noobs eyes
The way that the Goblins smile
Says Winter's Veil will never go away
We'll raid as one tonight
Makes no difference you got kings or might
Cause we can raid together in harmony
I know it's not too late
Azeroth would be a better place
If we didn't do Occ more
Than one day in a year
It's one place I hate to clear
There's something about Winter Veil
Something about Winter Veil
That makes you wish it was Winter Veil everyday
To see the horror in noobs eyes
The way that the Goblins smile
Says Winter's Veil will never go away
It's the time of year when noobs group together
We'll celebrate here on Winter Veil
When the ones you kill are there
You can picture crits flying in the air
You know they're everywhere
Something about Winter Veil
Something about Winter Veil
Something about Winter Veil
Something about Winter Veil
That makes you wish it was Winter Veil everyday
To see the horror in noobs eyes
The way that the Goblins smile
Says Winter's Veil will never go away
There's something about Winter Veil
Something about Winter Veil
That makes you wish it was Winter Veil everyday
To see the horror in noobs eyes
The way that the Goblins smile
Says Winter's Veil will never go away
Please tell me Winter Veil will never go away

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gaussie Going to be Featured on

Yes it is true. First all I have to thank Flappy for getting this all kicked off to begin with. Also all of you supporting me and my interesting sense of humor and ranting. So I thank you all for that. One thing they want from me though which some of you may be able to help with me with. They are looking for screens of me in action. So bring send me anything you have, which you would like to contribute. Screenshots, chat logs, or something of the exploits you have been apart of with myself. You all are the reason for this so I thought giving you a chance to contribute to this was extremely important.

I will also throw up everything from the interview up here after it is all wrapped up. Let you all be the judge. I always appreciate feedback. Even if it is some ret pally on a mission to try to prove he is not a complete and utter failure!

Also I will be taking random screenshot over the next week to submit with what I already have and what you all send me. So if you want to be in them. Come to all things Gauss, be it a For The Horde, a snowball fight, a boss kite, or just some thing I decided to do randomly. Come be a part of it.

Lastly I know this isn't a normal post for me. Since, when am I serious when not trying to be funny at the same time? So I'll give you all something for the end. Working on a couple Christmas songs/stories, and I will give you all a taste.

Jingle Bells
Undead Smells
Tauren milk themselves
Trolls are noobs
Orcs have boobs
and the Blood Elves are so gay, hey!

Weekend events will be held as normal. You should all know the deal by now. If you are new here then..umm...well. I am sure you will find out soon enough. Oh by the way I hate Nexus, just wanted to get that out there.

Friday, December 18, 2009

There Are Special People From Other Servers

So today is Friday, which means the post is made up by all of you. The people who read my rants, complain when I make fun of you, and of course pelt me with snowballs endlessly! So this week I asked you to tell me of your experiences with those special people in the pugs from cross server pugs. Now let me tell you I cannot post everyone but I have to tell you some of these were absolutely amazing! So if you didn't get yours posted don't get discouraged there is always next time. So let's get to it.

So I really thought the tool was supposed to match people with equal gear. This was until I entered CoS with a tank who just dinged 80 that day. He was wearing all quest gear, and I swear this probably was his first heroic. He was a pally tank that couldn't keep aggro, and kept BoP himself to avoid dying. This then killed everyone else. The worst part was when I was yelling at him for doing so he didn't understand why using BoP was wrong. By the time we got to the first boss I had already died 3 times and we had completely wiped twice. I didn't end up finishing it since we wiped again on the boss when he couldn't keep aggro off the healer. From now on I have always queued with a tank.

I must have grouped with the biggest retard ever. He was a warrior who was a hybrid fury arms warrior. He was spec'd into titan's grip, without WW spec'd and in arms he was specing for overpower and taste for blood. He was also DPSing in battle stance as fury with being spec'd into improved zerker stance. Now ya people probably meet noobs like this all the time, but when the dagger dropped off the first boss in HoR and he rolled need and won all I could do was /facepalm him. The sad thing was it probably would improve his DPS.

I got into a group where I did the first pull in UP and died and we wiped. I didn't understand what happened, but I know I rushed in. So I didn't think anything of it. Until I did the same pull and I died again. I asked where the heals were and who the healer was. No one answered. At first I thought Blizz had messed up and we got a group without a healer. This was until the priest said he queued as a healer so he could get in the group quicker, but he was there to DPS. Let's just say I wasn't there any longer.

We were in AN when I as a joke I cast water walking on this DK who was sucking it up big time. BY sucking it up I mean less than 1500 DPS. He died of course and I laughed. He asked why I was laughing and I said so in party chat. Everyone else started laughing and he went absolutely emo. He was screaming and crying in party chat saying that the group would be fail without his DPS. When we got to Anub I told the tank in a whisper to turn the boss on pound to get him killed. He did and we all laughed at him again. He left during the boss fight when he could have stayed 40 more seconds for the boss kill.

We were in HoL and at the part with all the rock guys. Where the tank kept pulling one by one. With them respawning. He proceed to tell us the instance was bugged and it never did this before. When we were all arguing with him he told us to look at his achievements and we would know that he was right. He was right he had plenty of achievements 8000+ points including all of the ulduar hard modes and 4/5 ToC hard modes. He even had all the HoL achievements. When then all asked him how much he paid for his account and he let slip $1500. We all had a good laugh.

I got in this pug where the leader was the most serious guy I ever met. It was UK and he wanted us to get on vent and listen to his instructions because this was hard and we were not going to wipe. When everyone refused to get on he complained, but then wrote out a plan in party chat of the entire instance. My debuff had 5 minutes left when he was done. When he was done and he asked if everyone understood I said "Could you go over that again I was afk".

So I entered a pug and thought I would have a little bit of fun, because in all honesty I wanted to be part of your post this week! So I decided to ask everyone random personal questions, which ended up getting more and more personal. Being a girl of course I can be easily distracting. I was messing with them so much I told them I was sitting at my computer naked and they ended up not paying attention and jumped off the ledge to their death after the second boss in Nexus because they weren't paying attention.

I grouped with a Mage named Gauss! I kept asked him if he was related to you or if he was you. I told him I was a huge fan and read his blog everyday. I think I scared him because he ended up putting me on ignore. I didn't even know you could ignore people from other servers till then. I felt special

So this DPS joined our PoS group and I used your joke for PoS on him because he had horrible gear. Said like was he confusing PoS for piece of $#@&. He was getting so pissed off by me making fun of him said he was going to report me if I did anything else. So what did I do? I pelted him with snowballs till he left the group. I did my job and made him cry are you proud of me?

I was in the biggest fail group you have ever seen. If you have seen worse then please god tell me. We had a hunter who ran out of bullets after the first set of trash and ended up meleeing the rest of the instance. Had a made who was your fav spec 71 points in frost. Had a shaman healer with spirit gems because apparently he knows something about shaman regen no one else does. The best was our DK tank, he had no tank gear said frost presence was enough to tank the instance. So there I was crying because I wanted my emblems.

Thank you all for your submissions. I really enjoyed reading them all. Three Scores ToC run through is tonight at 8, and FTH's for your snowball on the leaders achieve will be run through all weekend. Hope to see you all at any of them. Till tomorrow!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Winter Veil Is Here

So I have always been a big fan of the holidays Blizzard puts out, but Winter Veil has a special place for me. Why is this you say? Well Winter Veil was the first holiday Blizzard ever had. I won't forget the day I logged on and saw all the pretty lights on the buildings in Orgrimmar. Of course much has changed, but then many things have been around from the beginning. I have done the quest with the Winter Veil text every year. I have also read it every year while flying to Thunder Bluff from Orgrimmar. Snowballs have also been around since the beginning as with the gnome machine. Although you can no longer knock people over with them or prevent people from logging out, or interrupt casts. When my kodo became a reindeer that first time I could help but chuckle. Now there are a few mounts that are similar to the reindeer so it isn't nearly as funny as it once was, but us old school people remember! Also killing the Grinch was just as bothersome back then except at least back then you could bound people with snowballs and trip them up running towards him.

So yes I may be a few days late, but I had other posts to get through! So I expect to be pelted with snowballs endless throughout this holiday as is always the case. Always with the snowball love. I also expect to endlessly tell people to stop through snowballs during raids and them causing pointless distractions. In addition I will insist on Christmas gnome For the Horde raids! After all we have to pelt some specific alliance leaders for an achievement this year. So enjoy Winter Veil everyone I know I always do.

Before I end this post, tonight is the last chance to get your cross server pug stories in to me for tomorrow's post. There are some really funny ones I know you will all get a kick out of. Since this is a Winter Veil post here is Cranius Winter Veil song and video. If you have never seen it you are in for a treat.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Graphs Are Pretty Didn't You Know?

So today I thought I would share something rather amusing. Or at least something I have found amusing and since generally people agree with what I find amusing that is why I am sharing it with you. If you are confused by my last sentence don't worry I was confused writing it. Basically I have included a bunch of graphs about WoW. Why you ask? Because graphs are pretty didn't you know, and you can never have enough visual aids!

The question on every ones mind

The Population of the WoW player base in a nutshell

To all the people who wonder what you are doing while you are playing. Just give them this.
This is why I am glad WoW wasn't around when I was in School.

So ever wonder the break down of Barrens Chat? Of course you have, so now you have it!
So the gender question is always important. Also I needed some facts to back up some of my thoughts on people who play female toons. So here we go!

Who doesn't love trade chat. But then who uses it for its intended purpose?

This is the perfect thing to give to people. When you tell them you play WoW, and they start to lecture you.
Here are a couple, which have to deal with WoW addicts.
And now for my Favourite graph for obvious reasons.

Hope you enjoyed it. As a reminder tomorrow is your last day to send in PUG stories of the cross server variety. I will pick 10 I think are the most different and most unique to share. There has already been quite a bit of laughs on my part, so keep them coming.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

You Fail At Healing If...

It is Tuesday and everyone knows what that means. It is time with the weekly you fail post. To all the new readers, and I know there is a bunch of you since my visitors and page views have almost double since last week. This is where I poke fun at all the wonderful idiots in this game. Who knows you may have been one of these idiots at one time or maybe just maybe you still are. So here goes.

You Fail At Healing If...
  • You think Discipline Priests are for raid healing
  • You are a shaman who stacks spirit
  • You believe druid healing is difficult
  • A holy priest spec'd into renew but never cast it
  • You use the default UI
  • Your method as a druid healer is to spam healing touch
  • The mages in your raids have higher mp5 than you
  • You pointlessly socket hump
  • You cast pain suppression before the pull starts
  • A discipline priest was higher than you on the healing meters
  • You are only able to heal people in your group
  • If you have less mana then a ret pally
  • The concepts of intervate and mana tide are foreign to you
  • You let yourself die while healing others
  • You heal retards standing in fire
  • You are a druid who brags he is on top of the healing meter like its an accomplishment
  • When your tank dies you blame it on the tank
  • Your dps during a pull is higher than your hps

and finally

  • You switch a toon over to your other account and get locked out of your 25 man raid :).

I know some guildies will get a kick out of the last one. Anyways that's this weeks post hope you enjoyed it. Keep the cross server pugs stories coming you have till Thursday night to get them in. Enjoy Free Loot Tuesday everyone!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Is This Guy Serious

So I did have a topic today which I guess I will save because we I got home I had the following email.

I do not normally email people let alone people who think they are better than everyone, but you just really piss me off. You put things in trade chat like you are the greatest thing ever in WOW. Let me tell you something no one gives a crap that you know pi to like 1000000000000000 places. Then you have these followers that hang on everything you say like it comes from the bible. Honestly get a life. Do you have nothing better to do than brainwash people? No one gives a crap that you do things for all these idiots either. I tried to get something out of the auction house in Ironforge yesterday and some how I was PvP. I got killed on my level 1 bank toon. I check my log and it was you that killed me. Do you think you are great because you can kill a level 1? Give me a break. I also think it's hilarious I come to see your blog to see what the big deal is with "the mighty Gauss" and find it to be a load of crap. How do people read this? They all should be shot. You really think people give a damn what you think or say? The answer is no buddy. Do everyone a service and just quit while you are ahead. I even doubt you are even nearly as good as a player everyone says. Do you even do anything but spam trade and kill level 1s? lol I thought not. You wish you could have the gear my alts have. Congrats on being a scrub with a following of obvious idiots.

The Llane Server

So I get hate mail a lot. Mostly telling me my insults just went a little too far. As an example "Food buffs are only for African Children", "Do we really need to elect a brown orc?" and "Nagas belong in slave pens" were some things that didn't go over well with everyone. Hey, I understand people take me too seriously sometimes, but this wasn't one of those times. First off he obviously has no clue, and if he represents the Llane server he would know I lead Three Score. Also I think it is funny someone who is pvp complaining he was getting killed. I should have camped him... He also insulted you my readers, apparently I have brainwashed you all. The things I could have done if I knew this before...Not to mention he comes on my blog in order to send me this email since there would be no other way to get my email. Why didn't he send it in game? Because he really wanted to feel like he was part of the Nation. My thoughts are he probably lives with someone who could careless about him(probably his mother), he thinks he is awesome when he is obviously fail(plays a ret pally), and he probably got insulted by something I wrote which triggered some bad childhood memory(he read the fail at dps post). So I challenge this guy to actually step up to the plate and give me at least his toons name. I know what you are thinking, he will never do it. But that is where all of you come in. I do have his email, and since he insulted all of you I think it would be wrong to not give you all his email. So lets give him his 15 minutes of fame if he really wants it. Click here to send him the happy thoughts.

On another note send along your stories for the cross server pugs I am already enjoying what I am hearing. Till tomorrow!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

So I Have an Opinion on 3.3

So it's Sunday and the patch came out on Tuesday and from what I seen so far I think I can make some pretty good conclusions on what I have seen.

The 5 Mans

I think these were designed pretty well. Finally we return to 5 mans that you actually have to think about. Although tanking these as a Warrior is on the much more difficult side especially Halls of Reflection it is something that has been missing from the game in 5 mans. Also since these will be giving out ToC 10 equal gear I am glad a bunch of mindless idiots just can't go in and grab loot.

Icecrown Citadel

So you all know I am a lore whore. This so far hasn't disappointed me in regard to this. This is one of the greatest stories lore wise and the first 4 bosses and the opening event upon entering is also exactly what I wanted and was looking forward too. The Deathbringer Saurfang events were done really well and I hope all this continues. The actual instance and boss encounters so far why not difficult have actually had some pretty interesting mechanics. Even if Lady Deathwhisper had given me some refreshed M'uru nightmares. The Gunship battle I think the biggest test was getting people not to kill themselves before the pull with their jet packs. This may really be an issue when pugs head in here. I am also looking forward to seeing the rest of this even if I have to wait a month.

Shadowmorne Quest Line

So I got Light's Vengeance yesterday. For those of you who don't know, this is Arthas' Oringal hammer he discarded when he took up Frostmorne. This is a phased event in Frostmorne Cavern, where the Lich King comes and visits you. Let's just say I was surprised when like 100000000000 zombies came to kill me, I wasn't expecting that at all. Looks like a great start to the line and I look forward to completing it.

Cross Server Pugs

So these have been interesting to say the least. I have grouped with a priest who had no idea what shackle was, a DK who got lost in AN, some moron mage in BoA gear, and someone who actually had 1000+ more achieve points than myself. I am always a going on and on. So they were either entertained or confused how I could tank their instance, chain pull, and talk non stop in party chat. I just must be talented. Makes me wonder if I will do anymore pugs after I get my 100 groupies achieve.

So there are my current thoughts on 3.3. I am sure I will have more opinions in the future as I always do. For next weeks Friday's Topic it will be "My Cross Server Pug Hell". If you didn't get it from the title you are probably a dumbass, but to explain just send me your stories of your "interesting" cross server pugs. On a finally note Magni can't be kited, he resets on the bridge by the front gates. So depressing we would have had him out too yesterday

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Three Score's Carry Me For Gear ToC

So yesterday I had this idea. Since well Herb prices are really out of whack on the server and since I really didn't want to raise the 100g a week for guild raiders, I had a plan. So the plan was simple take some pugs charge them to get and charge per drop. These people could for all I care dance in a corner because we all know ToC 25 on regular mode is serious stuff. So we ended up taking like 8 pugs which was a quick 4000g right there with no drops because of the 500g fee to come in. Surprisingly like everyone got on vent. I can only assume it was because they wanted to hear me bitch and complain. So lets go over how each encounter went.

Northern Beasts

How fun it was to see pugs run as far as they could from people when they got a snobold. Not to mention using those fires to get haste buffs. Clueless people are also awesome at standing in poison and running away from people who they need to be beside to remove toxin. Funny thing is we got the worm achievement for the bunch of tards. How could I forget Icehowl. I brought a guild hunter for a reason, because I knew someone was going to get hit. What I didn't expect was someone when targeted run straight at the boss like a dumbass. Three Score kicks ass anyway and we move on.

Lord Jaraxus

Lets just say people fail at legion flames. I honestly though it was a little funny how people were spelling their names or at least it appeared in the way they ran about like a clueless idiot. He died we dished out the loot.

Faction Champs

This was so amusing because it seemed to last forever. Two of the guildies on the run disconnected so we were basically running with 15 real people. This took forever and at least the people in PvP gear could think they were actually worth something. Sadly a weapon didn't drop as it would have been great for the guild bankroll. To Twins!


People didn't get colours, people ran into the wrong coloured balls, and people somehow messed up at standing in one place. Like we all know ToC 25 is a joke and this went down without a problem. No trinket though so no big guild payday.


This actually went really well mainly because no idiot ever got chased and therefore they were never involved in the mechanics of the fight. Although the pugs phase 3 felt the need to heal people even after I said stand there and do nothing, just try to look pretty. All ended well a weapon dropped and it was and easy 5000g for the guild bank not to mention the other items. It worked out great and will probably do the same thing next Friday.

Here are the prices for next week

Entrance: 500g/10 Frost Lotus/25 Stacks of Adder's Tongue
Patterns: 250g/5 Frost Lotus/10 Stacks of Adder's Tongue
Crusader Orbs: 100g/ 2 Frost Lotus/5 Stacks of Adder's Tongue
Armor: 1000g/20 Frost Lotus/50 Stacks of Adder's Tongue
Trinkets: 3000g/60 Frost Lotus/150 Stacks of Adder's Tongue/2 Primal Saronite
Weapons: 5000g/100 Frost Lotus/250 Stacks of Adder's Tongue/3 primal Saronite

Friday, December 11, 2009

Dude That's My Mount

So today is Friday and as was asked you all submited your screens of you and your mounts. Now I obviously couldn't post them all, although I am going to post quite a few. I also am not going to post repeats of the same mount because that would be rather boring. I did get many multiples and I think everyone who sent me one also sent one with their Black War Bear. So today there won't be much reading just viewing, but hey there was a new patch and new content you don't got time to read. But let's have a little contest, vote on the one you like the best and I will think of something to give the person.