Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ask Gauss

It's that time of the week again and what a crazy week it has been. There was the new xpac updates with just minor tweaks to the stuff we heard at Blizcon, there was the buff being added, raiding, loot issues from me missing part of a raid, exploring random places, and of course last night probably offending every possible person I could in trade chat. Off to the questions!

So with the introduction of the raid buff in ICC what are your thoughts on it?

The buff itself will allow people from a variety of guilds or pugs for that matter to see the content of the game. I believe Blizzard is doing this instead of doing the straight HP and Damage nerfs they did at the end of BC so that everyone could see those bosses and that content. This way it gives people the option of doing it the normal way or using the buff to help them along. This way they make both groups happy and Blizzard achieves the goal of letting everyone see the normal content while making the top tier of people work at the hardmodes. Sure there is talk about getting achievements when you don't do encounters with the buff, and there is arguments for it. As well there is arguments that certain encounters can't be done without some sort of buff, but I am sure we will see. Remember there was a time when 0 keeper Yogg was said to be impossible.

Have you heard about the AH being available on Armory, and if so what do you think about it?

Yes, I have heard about it and I like the idea. Now the specifics are not out there and it has just been a lot of talk. Some of that being that you post and purchase, but only being able to post things that are currently in your bags, but not anything in your mailbox or bank. Purchasing of course there would be no limits besides the gold you currently have. What I like about this is it basically destroys the Tuesday markup which happens every week. Now yes I make a lot of gold this way, but it is also bothersome at how you have to time your auctions correctly to make it work. Anyone who plays the AH knows it takes up to 2 days for prices to reset to normal levels all the way around. I know it will make it more of a challenge in the gold making department, but also I think it will make it better since not having to deal with Tuesdays as they are to as much of an extent.

I heard you leveled a Pally?

I also saw pigs fly yesterday.

That is it for this week be sure to keep sending in the questions. Next Friday's Readers Post is going to be about that special raider. If you have ever raided with a guild you know who I am talking about so send along your stories so everyone else can enjoy in the fun.


  1. Pallys rock you should level one

  2. I am excited for the Armory on the AH will make gold making that much more fun.

  3. Lazaros of LlaneMarch 8, 2010 at 5:07 PM

    It'll be interesting to see just how the markets change after the the AH goes "open," if you will.

    With the scripts available to run at a web site, we may see some larger players of the AH start putting more of a constant hurt on the market, driving prices up. Thankfully, (at least on the Alliance side of Llane), our prices aren't as crazy as some other realms.

    My hope is that they make it a buy-only situation, though I'm holding out thoughts for further details.

    good to see a well-known face around Llane in the greater blogosphere.