Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ask Gauss

Sunday it is. So it is the post, which gives me a reason to read my email. Just kidding I always read it even if they are "OMFG STFU" or "What the hell do you know anyway?", and by far my favourite of the week "I keyboard turn and I am not an idiot". So besides the standard hate mail quota for the week there were a few interesting things to answer so I will get to it.

How do you get people to show up at this time of year?

Well I am assuming the one who sent this also watched Lore's Weekly Marmot episode this week, and if you didn't I would suggest you watch it. If not just for the fact that I am curious to know if you think the paint colour is different behind the guitar. Anyways, attendance goes down for any guild at this time of year. This is because school is finishing out and the weather outside is getting better. People tend to want and go outside. Yes that is right the sun will not turn you to stone. You cannot expect people to spend every waking moment on this game. It leads to burnout and that is even worse for you and your guild than someone taking a day or two off. You see another reason attendance is down is because we are nearing an end to the expansion. Meaning people are getting tired of what they are doing. You can only kill a boss so many times before it becomes boring and almost like a job. To avoid this you can cut down your raids days or even end early some nights to give people a break. This way the raiders get their raid and the people who are in the rut can do something else. If this fails and you can't fill raids at all recruiting is the way to get out of it. You see even if some people have seen the content again and again there will be players who haven't and this is their time to get their shot. Many of these players for me have became staples in the guild for years so don't look over someone who looks good and might just need to get the gear a little.

So you always talk about things you have made people do, what is the best?

Well I can't really pick one but here are a couple.

Someone jokingly in trade once asked for some gold I said if you walked from Orgrimmar to Silithus I will give you the gold you wanted. Upon hearing this a guildie said "hey I would walk to Silithus for gold, I need like 1000g". This is when I came up with this brillant plan he would have to walk from Moonglade to the the instance portal in AQ40. The trick being obviously no Flight Paths or no mounts but also no running! That's right he would have to slow walk all the way there. He ended up doing it and it took him just shy of 5 hours to make it there. So because it was a guildie I actually had to give him the gold and it was quite funny checking up on him every now and then. Yay for Canthony.

The other was during Brewfest when I convinced a group of people there was a daily quest for Brewfest on top of the mountain north of North Watch. This is the place where I always tell people they can learn to speak common. It was even better when people started playing along and getting more people to go. So when they couldn't climb the mountain and started whispering me how to get up. I told them and still tried. At this point I was wondering why they believed me, because when does Blizzard make something this diffcult. When they slowly started to give up and send me hate tells it made it all worth it.

Can I have a ride on your Hog?

If I can kill you. Although I probably wouldn't tell you I was going to kill you.

So that is it for this week's questions. Next Friday's Reader Post will be about "I was late for raid because?". Should be good one.


  1. I want to ride your hog

  2. 5 hours of walking sounds like fun...


  3. You let me ride on your hog :)