Friday, March 19, 2010

This One Time I Got Banned

So it is Friday, which means it is time for your contributions. This weeks topic was about the time you or someone you know got banned and what for. There was a wide variety and many interesting and somewhat disturbing ways. So time to get on with it.

We had prearranged trading wins in WSG where people would just cap the flags and everyone else would run in the middle. This was during realm only battlegrounds so we would end up always getting matched since it was AB holiday. We were doing this for a good hour plus when all of the sudden we were all in these ice cubes almost like the modern day iceblocks. Was actually funny as hell looking at a team of iceblocks against another. We were then all told we were getting banned some of us for 3 hours some for 24. The important thing was we got to keep our honor!

About a month ago my entire raid got a 24hour ban for bugging out heroic Icehowl. It wasn't our first time doing so I assume that was the reason. You see if a hunter gets targeted with the breath and he FD then he just keeps breathing. He doesn't do more than the normal breath damage either. He just stands there like an idiot and takes a beating. So this was like our 5th time doing it on purpose so i guess we deserved the ban hammer.

I was banned for changing my graphical interface on other peoples models. Apparently you are not supposed to mess with the code of the game. I enjoyed people having on the wrong gear and me walking around with the Ashbringer

I opened a ticket with the purpose of when it was answered to try and cyber with a GM. At least I was lucky enough and it was a female GM. It was a dare and it was so stupid I just had to go ahead and do it. She was pretty creeped out and about 10 minutes after she closed the ticket I was booted off and ended up with a 3 hour ban. Totally worth it though if only I could have seen the look on her face.

We found this amazing spot by the battle masters in Ironforge where we couldn't be targeted yet could kill anything. There was tons of guards all around us but they couldn't hit us. When people came out of BGs when would kill them easily most of the time before they even fully loaded in. Sadly you auto lose PvP now when you come out of BGs. Why did they have to ruin a beautiful thing. Anyways after a couple hours and at least 100 guards trying to attack us we were disconnected from the game. Couldn't log back on and find out we had both been banned for 24 hours.

That is all hope you enjoyed. Have a great weekend.


  1. Wow some peopel are really special

  2. how would trading wins be bad?