Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You Fail At Heroics If...

Tuesday! Everyone's favourite day of failure. Dying in my daily heroic 5 times before the first boss yesterday really made me want to finally make this the fail post. We all know the fail is strong in heroics I am sure you can relate to a lot of these.

You Fail At Heroics If...
  • You're the tank and a DPS in the party has more Health than you
  • You leave group because the other people are too geared for you
  • Your name is Wally
  • You're a DPS holy priest
  • You did less DPS than the Smite Priest
  • You enjoy doing the rock boss in Halls of Stone
  • You cannot make the jump in Old Kingdom to skip all the bosses
  • You still believe doing more bosses gets you more badges
  • You take pound in AN
  • You stand next to an exploding ghoul in ToC
  • You need gear from the heroic you're in
  • You beg for 15 minutes to do the Oculus achievements
  • You say you need an afk when in fact you are lost and don't want to admit it
  • You wait for mana every pull
  • You only heal the tank and refuse to heal anyone else
  • You whisper me asking to leave because I am being "mean"

and finally

  • You are from the server Ragnaros

That is it for this week. Hope you enjoyed it and I wish you luck with all your drops this Free Loot Tuesday.


  1. I was in a group where the tank had 29k HP. I couldn't believe it. It didn't go well and he ended up getting booted

  2. I miss wally we haven't heard from him...


  3. I actually have fun grouping with Ragnaros.

    It's kinda fun surprising them that I can speak Spanish too.

    And it's more fun being able to talk shit about the other people in the group when they can't understand you :D

  4. It is not even that I can't understand them quel'thas is the same way, but they don't suck like Ragnaros

  5. Always fun to check in and see who you are insulting today to make you feel better about yourself.

  6. I think he pokes fun at everyone including himself. If you ever read his guild master or raid leader ones it is pretty obvious

  7. "You need gear from the heroic you're in"

    This is the only one I have a disagreement with. It's attitudes like this that are a problem. Let's not forget what heroics were originally designed for. I'm happy for people to get upgrades in heroics. I know that it might get soon replaced due to badge gear, but for fresh 80's and people without a lot of play time heroics can be valuable for upgrades.

  8. I think he was making fun at how easy it is to get gear now. Since you can get t9 in a day if you wanted

  9. Anonymous said...

    Always fun to check in and see who you are insulting today to make you feel better about yourself.

    To Anonymous

    Always fun to check in to see if you have grown a pair yet. Obviously you never will.