Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Death of the Levitate Bug

The title says it. I don't know if all of you know what this was so let me take the time to explain. You see this was a way that could be used to climb walls and such throughout the world. You know those little spots on walls that when you run into them and then all of the sudden it seems you are walking on the wall? Well what you used to be able to do was cast levitate when you were on one of those spots and you could walk up walls. I am not kidding either. This small little glitch enabled me to stand on top of Orgrimmar, stand on top of the Ironforge AH, enter Old Ironforge, climb mountains, and visit Nat Pagle's house at the top of Elwynn Falls.

This means no more paratrooper attack on Ironforge anymore, although my rogue is still chilling up there. Also means I will have to find new ways to explore the unexplorable before flying mounts become available on Azeroth. I know some people will say it was a bug and I shouldn't have been messing around with it in the first place. Maybe they are right, but I or anyone else using it wasn't hurting anyone by doing it. So those people can be happy and I frankly don't care. This is my goodbye to something I had fun with.

Here are a few screens I took while exploring with the bug. I will miss you Levitate bug.

That is all for today. Make sure you get in your reasons for being late to raid. You have until Thursday night to get them in.


  1. lol at graphic glitch


  2. I wonder if they will fix all the graphical problems when they redo azeroth for xpac

  3. You can still use levitate to explore, just takes longer now. Use levitate to move horizontally along cliff faces to spots where the slope lessens and you will gain some height, then repeat the process.