Monday, March 15, 2010

Ask Gauss

So yes it is a day late, but hey yesterday was Pi Day and it needed to be mentioned. What would it look like if the Pi Guy ignored Pi Day. So I hope you all enjoyed your Pi Day. I enjoyed mine and had a blast like always. Maybe next year Blizzard could make a Pi tabard because that would be beyond awesome. So that's enough of that let's get to the questions.

So I heard you recently got banned, if you could know who caused it what would you do?

Honestly knowing who caused the ban doesn't really matter. Blizzard has privacy issues so that is never going to be officially found out anyway so not much point thinking about what ifs. How does the saying go? If ifs and buts were candies and nuts then we would all have a Merry Christmas. Now if I haven't said it I'll say it again. I was joking around and purposely tried to insult anyone and everyone. People were offended and I accept that even if it comes down to not being able to take a joke for what it is. So if I would say something it would be relax sometimes a joke is just that a joke. There are too many protections for people to not get offended and they are probably the reason that people get offended in the first place.

You think it is wrong that it is so easy to get geared up now?

I may not like know how long it took me to get my tier 9 gear and then have someone able to get ilvl 232 with just farming heroics. The fact of the matter is this is past content. Also it is not the cream of the crop from that tier level. This lets people who are new to the game or weren't able to experience the tier at its current level a chance to get the gear for it. It also lets them get a chance at the new tier without feeling like they are behind. You don't need to gear up in Naxx, then Ulduar, then ToC in order to get into ICC. Blizzard is basically saving peoples time by giving them a way to experience the current level of content. Now this is great for players who have potential and now can get into guilds and progress if they were say new to the game or had been away and didn't get the chance to gear up. The other side of this is horrible players now have the gear to make them seem as if they are able to do what they should be able to. Now maybe I contribute to this in my buy gear runs in ToC 25, and many of these people are the people I hope for to be on the runs to stock our guild bank. So who knows, but I am all for increasing the player base of potential players to recruit into the raiding environment even if it means you have to deal with some horrible players at the same time.

You plan on going on a joke rampage again?

We will see...

So that is it for all the questions, but I do have the topic for this Friday's Reader post. Tell me about that time or those times you or someone else got banned. Make sure to include what for and some sort of story behind it. Enjoy the final day of reset and don't talk to Garrosh..


  1. WTB joke rampage lol


  2. easy gear makes the game too easy at times

  3. I never did naxx full clear :(