Monday, March 8, 2010

Worth Taking a Look At

So as many of you know I am a big fan of Machinima. This is because I love to see what people do with what the game has to offer. I am also a big fan of the lore of this game so if someone is able to create there own interpretations of it into a short music video or film than it is something to be appreciated. I am kind of embarrassed I had never came across Gnomechewer before yesterday. He is really worth taking a look at. His videos may only be 3 minutes or less but they extremely well put together and exceptionally done. He makes great use of the lore offered to him and uses it along with the music or clips he chooses very well. He does a lot of trailers for "movies" he could make which makes me hope he will some day do a 30 minute type movie.

You can check him out at his blog here

But I will include his newest video about the Worgen story here so be sure to check it out

Thank you to all those that pointed me in his direction. Also if you may also know someone else that is unknown that you think I should take a look at be sure to tell me about it. Enjoy your last day of reset and kill some new bosses!


  1. Wow that video is pretty sweet. Is that letter real did he write that to Arthas' father?


  2. You didn't know about him. Been watching for awhile pretty sweet imo.