Saturday, March 13, 2010

Brothers In Arms Reunited

Yesterday or maybe early this morning someone I had not seen for the longest time stood in front of me in Orgrimmar. A fellow warrior who during the days of my run to High Warlord was there everyday helping me kick some alliance ass. Back in those days things were much different. Seeing him standing there still level 60 still in the gear that back at the time was itself pretty amazing. You see seeing Federici standing there made me really think about how much has gone on. Federici was the first guy I tried to teach everything I knew to. My first pupil of Warrior DPS. He was the first there to give me congrats on High Warlod. And always the guy there to charge into a group of alliance head on with me. Live or die we would make sure we took a bunch of them with us. When we both had our full sets of Valor armor we would stand beside one another, it was quite an intimidating sight to see. Brothers in Arms.

I remember when he made the video about my quest to High Warlord ending it with a tribute to our killing ways charging in and around Warsong owning everyone in sight. I remember how at the time there was still the growing bug where fire water + Berzerking BG buff could make you insanely huge. The two of us running around midfield the size of houses obliterating anything that tried to get by. PvP target dummies at our best.

Of course that same video ended with Pupil vs Teacher duels. I taught him well, but he just wasn't ready to surpass. The video ended "One Day...". Not to long after that video was made Federici had quit the game until yesterday when he stood there in front of me waving. He said to me "A lot seems to have changed, but you're still kicking ass". He ended with "It seems you may have to teach me all over again". Welcome back Fed now get your ass leveled so we can go kick some alliance ass.


  1. great story where can I watch this video?


  2. @poseter above,

  3. Have to love when old friends come back. When it is to own face it's even better