Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ask Gauss

So it is Sunday time for me to go through the masses and find something you all might find interesting for me to answer. So here is what we got for this week.

How do you stay objective as a raid leader when you have friends and such in the raid?

Well this is quite challenging at times. I have to do this not only as a raid leader, but as a guild leader in general. I may think of someone as a friend, know them in real life, but I cannot treat them any differently then any member of the guild or the raid. I have to react the same way if someone makes a mistake or does something well. They need to be told what they need to do better or avoid doing. I try to build the guild for success. This means that yes there may be people in the guild I may not particularly mesh with, but if I get them to preform and listen then this is the key. Goes both ways for friends in the guild. I can't just let things go I need to show there is no favourites and act according or what happens is chaos. When it is time to mess around that's all well and good. That is an important part of this game to. Have that relaxing time. It isn't for everyone because sometimes people can't be that person who seems like a robot. As long as there is an on and off switch you're fine.

Since you are well known and all how do you tell if someone is using you or not?

Well this one I guess I am still working on. I am a guy who gives people the benefit of the doubt. Probably not always the best thing in the world, but if you burn me once I will not give you the opportunity to even come close do doing it again. This doesn't mean I don't give second chances, but what happened is always in my head. So they would be stupid to expect the same freedom and such that I may have given them before. Of course time can heal wounds, but I guess that all depends on the situation at hand. Now I hope people would give me the same benefit if I wronged them so maybe that is why I do things like this. You can always have a second chance, but you should never expect you will get anything after that.

If you could do one thing what would it be?

I would say sorry.

That is it for this week. Next weeks reader post will have a slightly different focus. Things you wish you did differently in your WoW existence. Enjoy what is left of your weekend.


  1. That is why I could never be a good raid leader.


  2. Good plan I am always being taken advantage of