Saturday, March 20, 2010


So every so often I have one of these moments where I just have to let it out and speak my mind. Today is one of those days. So as always if you are looking today for a laugh you probably won't get one today. As there probably won't be any jokes about Ret Pallys, Bagellord(where is he btw?), or Wally. This is about decisions and how we make them.

As a guild leader I am always thrown head on into the problems. Be it anything from what we will be raiding on the night and who will be in or random drama between members of the guild or people on the outside. I always have to objective and really beyond what I may want or need and look towards more what is better for the guild as a whole. At the end of the day I am normally ok with the decisions I made. I of course know I could have maybe been more vocal or been more forceful to get my points across. I of course know I am no where near perfect and take everyday as a learning experience even if we did the same thing the previous night or the previous week.

But sometimes I am torn how to decide what should be done. Like say choosing players.

The New Guy
  • Unsure what to expect but have liked what you have seen so far
  • Listens to whats said
  • No baggage with anyone in guild and without

The One You Know

  • Drives you crazy every which way possible
  • Does their thing and set in the ways
  • Knows the deal about everything no need to go through anything
  • There is history which would have to be worked through

Decisions how fun they are. You see you just want to know that regardless they are there with you. Sometimes you just need to hear it. Just like anyone wants to know they have done a good job even if they know they have. It is like giving someone congrats. You do it because you want to let that person know the deserve it.

Yes I take everything seriously and I would be lying if I said sometimes I just didn't want lay here and forget the world. Then I realize without ever doubting without even thinking I knew what I had to do all along.

Just jump in an never look back!

Mistakes are made things happen, and you have to realize that no matter what you did it is already done. If you messed up you can make up for it in the future. You can regret a decision, but you can't change it. You just have to hope those around you will allow you to prove yourself once again.

"Don't let the past and useless details choke your existence" was the fortune cookie that inspired this post. May this not only help you with your your decisions in game, but maybe yours outside as well.


  1. I always enjoy hearing what you have to say when you think outloud to us all. Learn from the past but don't let it own you.

  2. well done Gauss words to live by

  3. Nicely put. The decisions can be tough at times and the sheer volume that need to be made as GM can be overwhelming. Knowing you can't make everyone happy all the time helps but the whispers from the ones you don't make happy at that moment are enough to make you crazy.