Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You Fail At Reporting If...

So since the whole thing with me being banned for a day came up I thought about doing my fail post on reporting itself. There is always jokes about this so I thought it would be rather humorous topic to do it on. So sit back and laugh at all those special people you know.

You Fail At Reporting If...
  • In an effort to report someone for spam you ended up ignoring them or someone else
  • You told a gold farming bot you reported them
  • You tell anyone and everyone you reported someone so you will feel special
  • You reported Pi as spam right after it was asked for
  • You reported someone for spam just before posting a guild recruitment blurb in trade
  • You end up getting yourself reported for bitching about what someone else is doing
  • You think people care you are reporting them
  • You think reporting someone is going to change the world
  • You whisper someone to tell them you have reported them in an effort to make them stop
  • You say you are going to report someone and then have to ask how to do it
  • You end up applying to the guild of the person you just reported
  • You reported someone for reporting
  • You reported the person who reported someone for reporting
  • You reported someone for being awful in hopes it would improve them
  • You reported someone for being somewhere they shouldn't be when you are there with them

and finally

  • The concept of a joke evades you

That is it for this weeks fail post. Let's all have a drink for reporters! Free Loot Tuesday is upon us may your rolls be higher than everyone elses, unless you're a ret pally of course then I hope you loose and go cry and maybe die in a fire. Till tomorrow!


  1. "You reported the person who reported someone for reporting"



  2. changing the world reporting one person at a time lol

  3. Trying to ignore someone and accidentally inviting them to a party. Not really reporting heh, but I've seen it happen.

  4. "You reported someone for being awful in hopes it would improve them"

    I had to wipe off my computer screen. A guy I know just did this Sunday. He reported a guy for standing in fire.

    Thankfully, a GM responded quickly and said, "Don't ever do that again. You will be banned for 3 hours."

    He's telling us this as we're getting ready for Naxx and then promptly doesn't get out of the blizzard in Sapph. /bangs head on desk. Oh well. Gives us something to laugh about.


  5. You fail gauss, gtfo.

  6. Someone came to Gauss' blog just to tell him he failed. Ya I am pretty sure you fail Scarin

  7. People are idiots show you are cool by coming here and insulting him. I think it is even funnier you are too stupid to insert your name you had to post Anonymous and then write it. And who fails?