Tuesday, March 9, 2010

You Fail At Buffing If...

So first off sorry for the late post been going crazy with FFXIII today. If you don't have it and are able to get it you should it's pretty awesome to say the least. There was a lot of talk about how good it was and playing it for just a few hours so far it has lived up to everything people have said. Anyways, this is about WoW and not Final Fantasy and it's Tuesday so besides being Free Loot Tuesday it's Fail Day.

You Fail At Buffing If...
  • You are a pally and don't have pally power
  • You are missing your regents to buff
  • You drop cozy fires to increase your spirit for boss pulls
  • You are clueless when someone says give me a paw, rhombus and an eye
  • When you are screamed at to buff for 10 minutes at still fail to do so
  • You are a shaman who places his totems on the opposite side of the room as the raid
  • You still think food buffs are for African children
  • You believe standing in poison is beneficial you rage generation
  • You give plate people Might over Kings
  • You are a hunter who raids with aspect of the viper on
  • You think scrolls stack with buffs
  • You think Amplify magic improves your DPS
  • You think standing in a fire gives you a haste buff
  • You don't to remove water walking when falling down to fight Anub'arak

and finally

  • You talk to Garrosh to removed in ICC when told not to

That is it for this week. Enjoy free loot Tuesday may all your drops not be sharded.


  1. waiting all day and you didn't even make fun of ret pallys :(


  2. ouch on the ban, but funny lol

  3. so only Gauss could get banned and everyone would know about it lol