Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tool of Tools

So yesterday night some people thought they were pretty funny. The thing is just by doing what they were doing was just proving how completely idiotic and moronic they actually were. Basically, it started out by someone making a toon called "Gaussdad", then someone went and made Gaussbrother, and then someone made Gaussister. Now the sad part was this wasn't just one person. Well it could have been, but would have had to have been separate accounts. I really don't know what would have been worse. Anyways, this group went on to add Gaussgrandma and Gausspapal to there crew. The whole purpose it seemed was to set out to insult me. Saying things like "your father wants you to come home", "Your mother is worried", "Why are you ignoring me brother", "Come give grandma a hug". Then they went on to insult me in any which way they could. All the while trying to get a reaction out of me. When in truth I could careless and very responded to any of it. If I did something enough to piss these people off and they made level 1 toon and ran all the way to Orgrimmar just to try and get me back. Well, I see it as I must have said something pretty awesome for them to waste that much time trying to get back at me. The truth is they looked like nothing but a bunch of tools who have too much time on their hands. Also do to the fact people were on them to say who their main was and they just kept going on with the little charade was just proof that I either got them very good in the past or they didn't want it very bad from me in the future. I believe the only person amused by the whole thing was a druid named Wonderboy. Go figure that someone with such a name would be amused by something like this. So all I have to say is bring it. You have given my material to last for weeks upon end.

Here is a screenshot a guildie of mine took
Thank you for making me worry about the future.

Reminder tomorrow is the last day to get in the reasons for you being banned or someone you have known. Remember to include a little story of why it happened as well. Happy St. Patrick's Day!!


  1. Making level 1 family to insult someone and they couldn't even make taurens. Probably because they had no idea how to get to TB from the starting area lol.


  2. what a bunch of idiots. They have nothing better to do?

  3. If everyone loves you, you're not doing it right. /cheers!

  4. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.