Friday, March 26, 2010

You Know I Wish

So this is a little bit different reader post. Many people have asked that I give people a chance to not only talk about how they have encounter horrible things, laughed at people endlessly for doing stupid crap, but give them a chance to have a more serious input to the Nation. So today was that chance, where people would talk about what they wished they did differently.

Back before you could just change your race, faction, name, and anything else you can do now I had a thought. Well after learning more about the history of the game and its lore the horde is just so more interesting. I just can't bring myself to faction transferring because it seems like I am a traitor and or course I will just feel like a complete noob trying to find everything. Of course you could say I could just level a new toon, but I just put too much time into everything. Maybe one day.

I wish I wasn't such a complete idiot about my class and refused to read up and try to figure it out for myself. If I could get that message to anyone, listen to people who know more than you. You will thank them in the long run because you will improve a lot. I was dropped from 2 good guilds for sucking and not playing how I should have, because I was too proud to listen to someone else. Someone will always know more than you listen and learn and you will be better off.

Auctioneer... I have made so much gold with this the last 3 months and after all those dailies trying to get gold for my epic flying I could have used this and made it in 2-3 days. I now see why people say it is a joke to make gold in this game.

The beauty of macros I have been working with for about a year, and I have no idea how I lived without them. I always think about how much better I could have been if I used them before.

Making my own guild. It is too late now there is just too many around, and no one would ever want to join a brand new one when some are already established. I think if I was around back then and had the ambition could have made one of those guilds that stood the test of time.

That I didn't spend all my DKP on a damn weapon every expansion and then have to play catchup on everyone else! One day I will learn.

That I won the fishing contest in STV before I decided to kill all the goblins to get my title. Oh well back to turning in cloth and killing pirates like crazy.

I went on a murdering rampage in Moonglade before AQ came out, and I have never been able to recover the rep to the extend I needed before BC came out. It really sucked that when I landed at CH all the druids wanted to kill me on site.

That is it for this week. I appreciate all the submissions just sometimes don't have enough space to include everything. Enjoy your weekend maybe even turn out your lights for Earth Hour..


  1. That is probably the guy who dies every week trying to turn in his fish in booty bay. Always gives me a laugh.

  2. I wish I bought a better computer...