Saturday, March 27, 2010

Can I Have Some Gold?

So I haven't really bitched about this lately, which doesn't mean it isn't a problem but this idiot today just couldn't take a hint. What am I referring to you ask? Beggars. You see I don't understand first of all how someone can keep asking someone over and over again for gold. When someone says no is that your queue to find a way to better bother me? Was that I'll just open trade with you and ask? Or did you think telling me you like my gear is going to make me more likely to give you some? Sorry, but no. Why not tell me you have to respec, except the problem is you're level 12! Then there comes the times you follow me around and keep whispering me except this time you think by adding the word please you think you have a winner. If only you used this amount of effort to get your own gold, because then you could have that gold you are looking for.

Let me also point out the way not to start a conversation is "I heard you have a lot of gold". When you do this I am really not paying attention to anything you say after that. I may send you responses that make no sense, and this is because I have no idea what I was answering to. The other thing I may do is let you talk with yourself until you give up. I feel I have made my gold fairly and I can choose to spend it how I want and that is not to give it to the useless fool who can't put the time in.

At least RedEyELobine can make me laugh about it...

My rant is now over.


  1. I just love it when they open trade...

  2. i'm a firing my shotgun!!!