Friday, March 12, 2010

That Special Raider

So we all know raiding is a very big part of this game, and really was the reason this game was created. Raids contain the lore and main reasons for doing what we are doing. Raiding also among other things brings people together to accomplish goals as a team. Like anything with a team though there are those members that make it fun, crazy, frustrating, and painful. This is what this weeks reader post is about. I asked for stories of that special raider who does one or all of those things. So here goes.

There is a guy in my guild that no matter how many times you tell him he will still screw up. Anything that can go wrong in an encounter he finds a way to do it. You know those things that you cannot believe people do well this guy does it. I always ask myself why he is still around, but then I just come to the conclusion that we wouldn't have anything to talk about. Here are some examples. He has mixed up charges on Thad, Iceblocked the tank on KT, deathgriped a spark onto Maly, pulled adds on FL, Ran life leech to the tank on General. These are just a few, but I am sure you get the point.

We have this tank that somehow always manages to kill himself in the most unique ways. The worst thing is you may think that doing it once someone would learn from it, but no. On Kologarn from example he has ran off the edge I don't know how many times.

Every week without fail we have this idiot rogue who DPSes Onyxia from behind and complains that he gets tail swiped. We have told him over and over and he still just replies "Only idiotic melee don't dps from behind". We have tried to tell him you always DPS dragons from the sides, but I as well as others have decided there just isn't a point in arguing anymore.

We have this guy who is always eating and drinking, which you wouldn't think was a problem but his mic is always open on vent. We can hear him slurping, chewing, and whatever else you can think of. The worst thing is this goes on during pulls, and I have no idea how he is able to play and do the same thing. He is not a bad player either. It is to the point that many people have him muted just to not hear it.

There is a guy in my guild who talks in a different accent every night. It actually freaks me out a lot of the time because I am clueless who I am talking to. He did one raid as a little girl and I never laughed so hard in my life. I couldn't concentrate or focus on what I was doing at all, but I would never ask him to stop because have the fun of logging on to raid is not knowing who he will be for the night.

Well there is this girl in my girl that the raid leader has asked not to speak during raids on vent because he has been told that her voice is very distracting to the younger guys on vent. Now I am not going to lie her voice is awesome, but every time she does speak they spend about 30 minutes in raid chat talking about how hot she is and then end up wiping for the same time while people refocus after taking their trips for their special time.

That is it for this week. Enjoy your weekend, and try not to be overly offended.


  1. OMG GIRL ON VENT!!!!!!!!!!

    I can only imagine...


  2. Those are just awesome, and it's sad that I know someone who would fit almost every example.

  3. Face it to raid in the first place you have to be crazy it is just normal to see someone in a group of crazy people be more noticable.

  4. Who's the girl, I want to whisper her!