Saturday, March 6, 2010

Death From Above

So logging on today and ready to get back into the For The Horde swing we started out with Ironforge. This was because Vinletsu had found a way to get to the top of the kings room. So 3 of us went up there and summoned a raid of 40 people. The words "Don't Move" were said very often and we had to put down quite a few fires so people could actually see anything. Once all 40 were summoned we dropped down for some serious paratrooper type tactics. If only there would have been more alliance to actually see it happen. The look on their faces would have been something to see. We then went and killed Stormwind, Exodar, and Darnassus without a problem and really in the normal fashion. This was when all the fun started.

Since people had sent me all the screenshots of all the places where they have seen in WoW. We decided to go exploring. We first headed to the Kara Crypt and it was just as awesome looking as I remember it. After seeing it again I really hope Blizzard does something with it. The design, the features and the whole feeling of the place is very epic. "The Upside down Sinners" is truly a site to see. To get out we had to duel and then kill ourselves from fall damage. Since we had to get rid of our hearthstones to get inside in the first place.

Next Vin, Whirl, and myself tried to gain access to the Emerald Dream. Sadly we couldn't and couldn't even find a workable way how. So it will be left for another day. To Elwynn!

It was surprisingly easy to get to the base of the falls with the real challenge finding a way to climb up the falls in order to get to the Cabin. But doing that was quite an achievement and well here is the pic of Vin, Whirl, and Myself up there.

After we made our way to Ironforge in order to get into Old Ironforge. Except we took the mountain route. Was pretty scenic with lots of graphic glitches. Eventually Vin and I got into Old Ironforge where we started having an epic battle with some alliance through the door in the King's room. Yes through the door. I was about to hit people through the door and they were able to send pets through to attack us. Eventually this Gnome Mage named Foulacy came in and died a few times which brought a smile to Vin and my face. When he came back the second time and ended up falling and dying from the damage, it was pretty amusing. But our travels would end there for the day. Still need to go to many other of the places people sent me screens of and I will be sure to let you all know about it.


  1. How did you climb the falls and get into Old IF? And the Crypt for that matter.


  2. so you are bragging about exploiting?

  3. Man, I really want to know how Horde get on top of the bank in IF. I see it all the time when I am at the AH.

  4. Man, that is a clunky comment system. I have to edit and preview a couple of time to get it to work.


    Hey, are you in the US Single Abstract Noun?