Friday, March 5, 2010

Ever Been Here?

So this week I asked you all to send along screenshots of places where not everyone has been or seen. Many of them I didn't know about or had even seen actual shots of them. I had limited amount of space and decided to just post the screens and not go into description on every single one. Little blurb for each seems to suffice. So have a look tell me if you have ever been or know someone who has. So lets have a look

Some sort of hidden troll dancing vilage called Shatterspear. Seems like the party keeps on going here.
This made me laugh only reason why I am including it.

No idea where this is I got no description for it.

Ironforge Airport.
Hidden Well in Azshara I am told. Didn't get instructions how to get here.
Mount Hyjal Zone. Come xpac we will be in here. They will have to take down the construction signs then I guess.

Old Ironforge got here a few times when feared in the kings room...
I am told this is the entrance and basement to the main building on GM island. Looks cool might explain why it takes them so long to answer tickets.

No Alt Z... but this is some ruins of SMC and since its in shambles its why I am including it. I got a very long explanation on how to get here, but I will leave that all to you to look up if you're interested.
This is Newman's Landing, been here many times and its quite a swim. There is quite a few mysteries about this place even if it looks very uninteresting.
Even if someone failed and didn't press Alt Z. I still like this one. You can get to it under Kara.
This is Elwyn Falls. Which is only supposed to be visual from the flight path from SW to IF. Or so I am told. Here is a blurb I found talking about it. "Elwyn Falls is another well-developed area not accessible to most players yet visible from the flight path. While the area may just be more decoration for riders, there are rumors linking the cabin above the falls to Nat Pagle, who was lost on his last fishing expedition and whose life is linked to the mysterious "Ashbringer" legendary sword. There is a school of fish that never despawns by one of the camps below the falls..."
This is a prison inside Stormwind which was supposed to be harder version of Stockades.
I was told by the sender these are of the Emerald Dream. The first one is a screen of Dreamcatcher Valley the second seems to be weird crop circles.

Here are some of the screens people included from the crypts under Karazhan. I have been here and it is one of the best looking and creepiest places WoW has. I really hope they do something with it some day.

Now basically here is the creepiest room in WoW. By far the most popular screens I received. Take a look at the few I have included and you decide.
That is it for this week. This make you want to visit any of these places? Enjoy your weekend all


  1. Wow that crypt looks awesome why wasn't it a part of kara?


  2. I recognize the dancing troll village as someplace you fly over on the way from Moonglade to Auberdine. I don't think it's accessible.

  3. that emerald dream shit is crazy

  4. You can get to the Shatterspear Troll area. A friend took me there. It requires a priest with slowfall because you fall a great distance. If you die, you can't get to your body. It's one of those places I hope they develop, like the Ironforge airport.

    I was there once years ago but I've been told now, that it's nearly impossible to get to and, if you do, you get a warning and a ban. Not sure if that's the truth.

    Supposedly, you can access the falls in Elwynn by jumping on the rocks below it. I know people who have done it but I never have.

    I did try to get into the area below Kara. If you had a warlock and were feared, you would go through the gate to the other side. It seems that's been shut down, too. So many curious places with a "hmmm, wonder what this is going to be" air about them.


  5. Can still get to the crypt if you use the unstuck feature right. How would someone get pictures of the emerald dream?

  6. The Crypt doesn't even look like the same game. Very dark