Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oh Joy More Heroic Fun

So yesterday while I was doing my daily heroic, sadly not my fury tank heroic, I got ToC. Now I know I have aggro problems and I expect to pull aggro off random tanks. This is after all how the whole just tank the random as DPS thing started. So anyways, I got into ToC. Not really my favourite instance to do with a bunch of random tools because you actually have to be some what conscious in the instance. I die for the first time on the champions because somehow I ended up pulling aggro on all 3 mobs. Now I always assume these random tanks are horrible, but this was pretty stupid. So I died and didn't run back to help because well I was thirsty and I needed to think of some insults to send the tanks way before we pulled the next boss. It was sad I couldn't really come up with anything out of the ordinary besides "it takes a special kind of suck to be as fail as you". I know disappointing, I'll think harder next time.

Next was the trash before the second boss where this pro of a tank decided to pull two packs at once. Now this would be fine if he wasn't awful and could actually hold aggro. Did you know pressing swipe was hard? Anyways so death number 2 came. I ran back this time in time to finish the couple packs and still managed some how to pull aggro on mobs after running back. We killed the last pack and I surprisingly didn't die. There was of course the boss. I didn't attack for a good 10 seconds to which I then pulled aggro and died ran back and somehow died again. I refused to run back again because it was getting stupid. When this warlock in the group bitches at me for not running back. Sorry but I had died enough on one boss fight in a damn heroic. I showed him the combat log of how many times it happened and he still called me a liar. Some people are just that special kind of stupid. Checking the dps and seeing he was doing 1.4, I wasn't surprised at all. Lock started bitching about how they should just kick me because I was too lazy to run back. When I through in the vote to kick him while the Black Knight was coming down and it passed. Was funny as hell. I died again when the druid failed once again at keeping any such aggro at all. I ran back only to stand in the corner while the second phase was going on as I assumed the tard could use that time to build some aggro. Obviously not I died one more time in the last phase and ended up having a 2min+ rez timer. A rez timer in a damn heroic, and a 100g repair bill...

Today is the last day to get your screens and your stories about the interesting places you have seen in WoW.


  1. ROFL I would be so pissed if I was you.


  2. you always have the greatest heroics