Wednesday, October 13, 2010

4.0 Warrior Hell

So I know many classes have changed completely, and everyone has to relearn their classes. I know compared to all other pre-expansion patches this will be one that I will have to do the most tweaking. I also think this is a good thing. I will be going back to Arms the reason I started playing a warrior as DPS. It is a more fun spec to play and isn't just about mashing buttons. Fury just isn't worth it anymore and they have taken away the fun of the "BIG NUMBERS". So as I am along with all of you going to relearn how to play. I will leave you with something someone named Ruzu wrote on the warrior forums. It is directed towards warriors, but I think it can apply to everyone

Man the @!*# up.

I've noticed that quite a few of you are doing this already. That's great. Really, it is. You guys are going to be the ones setting the standard in the next month or so, and even moreso when Cataclysm actually comes out. Keep it up. You can go out and kill everything that moves while I lecture the crybabies.

But the rest of you: Man up. Wax your sword, polish your armor, bathe your axe in the blood of the opposite faction or whatever motivates you to USE the thing instead of hanging it up lest it rust from your tears of anguish that your class has had its goddamned cheese moved.

Warriors have changed. Yes. Changed. There's a lot of that going on right now in the game, in case you haven't noticed. And a lot of you are approaching this with a level of stoicism and chutzpah that makes a Woody Allen role look like Warlord Saurfang. Did you trade your rage bar for Tears of Bitter Anguish, or have you never had to so much as change your rotation before?

But I understand. Right now, you're confused. You're going through some strange changes. All of a sudden you're thinking of using moves you never thought you would use, your health shot up practically overnight, and you're finding new stats in places where you'd never expect them to grow. But just remember, these are all natural.

Many classes and specs have all-new mechanics to try and work out. A lot of them get new toys. Toys that might seem shinier and brighter and flashier than yours. And if you're mad that paladins have holy power, death knights get a rune system, hunters have 20 pets, druids get a fancy-pants sun and moon and you're there with beat-up plate armor and a glorified pointy stick, well, there's something you've forgotten:

You don't need that crap. You never have.

You cut things. You break things. It's an art that's been continually refined and perfected since that first squirming thing realized it could eat other squirming things. It's your modus operandi, raison d'etre, and other fancy-pants words too. And you're going to mortal strike the paladins where the light don't shine, shatter rune swords, eat every last goddamned one of the hunters' pets and when that druids hits a lunar eclipse you're gonna break the goddamned moon.

So go. Get out there and sunder, strike, and cleave until you've got it figured out. Just because you've got to deal with a few change-ups doesn't mean that things aren't going to die from being hacked in half anymore. You're warriors. You've got the strength of a punch to the face and the simplicity of a punch to the face with all the grace and artistry of a very graceful and artistic punch to the face. And maybe you weren't playing for as long as some other warriors, but take my word for it when I say we've been through far, far worse. And six years and innumerable patches later, they still haven't stopped us.

Now get out there and get back to the murdering. The realms are back up and time's-a-wastin'.

Enjoy your relearning I know I will be.

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  1. LOL that makes me want to play a warrior