Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Raiding A Success?

So yesterday we went into ICC and despite all the changes that everyone has gone through with all the class and spec differences, and not to mention people being completely bored with content we had a successful raid. We were not only able to raid, but we were able to complete heroic modes as if the patch really never happened. Although I was scared on Marrowgar since the first two sets of bone spikes only spiked one person and the other 2 people who "would" have been spiked instantly died(nice glitch there btw).

I was quite impressed with how high the DPS was beating our old Deathbringer and Festergut records by 45 seconds. Healing seemed to be a little bit more difficult at least from seeing the HPS numbers. They don't seem to be as high as they were pre patch, but it is managable. With the increase in health pools this isn't much of an issue, but I guess we will see when we do Dreamwalker this evening. I made it a short raid because it went so well and we stopped just after Plague. I think the main thing was people after the raid telling me that it was the first time in awhile that they were having a lot of fun raiding. To me this is a great thing, since with all the content seeming old it is difficult to have a great time raiding at the moment.

With only really, maximum, 2 weeks left on my guild's raiding schedule before Cataclysm this is a great thing to be experiencing. To be stopping because it is a choice and not because something is forced upon us.


  1. Must be nice no one shows up for us anymore. Not that I can blame them, but still I would like to raid a little bit more before this expansion comes to an end.

  2. Glad to hear you've adapted. I've got some people who have nearly thrown up their hands in frustration. I keep telling them to work at it, that this will pass and we'll look back on the pre-Cata days with a jaded eye and a "what were they thinking" mind-set.

    I still have so much to do and the lag, while better, can limit participation. Oh well, as with any other patch, we will survive and flourish.