Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ask Gauss

Sunday it is, the day before Canadian Thanksgiving, but I am still going to eat more than I possibly could imagine eating today. Enough of that though. Being Sunday it means it is time for Ask Gauss. The day I go through all the mails I have received and choose some questions to answer I think everyone would be interested in. So here goes.

What do you hate most about patch day?

Mods. I run more mods than most people. Yes, I run my UI mods, but I have a lot of mods that are just for neatness and to make things easier. So updating or finding updates for these mods can be quite bothersome. Also there is the case that they haven't been updated at all, and then I have to go about finding another mod that was doing the same thing the previous was. This whole updating mod situation is even worse when a .0 patches. This is because it is a new version of the game meaning the "load out of date" option is not even available. The mod has to be compatible with the new version of the game itself. This in the past has meant surviving days or even weeks without those precious mods you can't live without. I remember when 3.0 hit none of the "onebag" mods were working. I had to use the bag system how Blizzard intended, it was horrible. So more than anything else it is the mods something that I always hate doing.

How crazy is it going to be when 4.0 hits?

Well my guess is pretty nuts. Never before have we had a expansion patch which will effect the current game play as much as this one will. Gems, enchants, specs, glyphs and so much more. There is talk that raiding will be much easier and there is talk that raiding will be much more difficult. They have even delayed the new Arena Season till the week after Cataclysm's launch because they don't know how everything is going to work out. The auction house is going to be a gold mine. I am thinking I can break 50k+ a day for a couple days straight if not more. Also people relearning how to play their classes, and I am just not talking about abilities. Hunters get focus, Warlocks get a new shard system, and DKs get a new rune system just to say a few. The very basics of the game are changing. So madness will definitely follow.

What Pre-Cataclysm event you are most looking forward to?

The conclusion of the Carine storyline. One of the greatest characters in the history of new horde will be gone. Hopefully the event is one to remember.

That is it for this week. As always if you want your question answered send it along to or click the link at the top of the page. Next week's Reader Post is going to be what you are doing to satisfy your boredom while waiting for Cataclysm.

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