Monday, October 25, 2010

The Movie Contest

Anyone who hasn't seen all Movie Contest winners you can watch them all here. Now they are all good but to me the 2nd place video is by far the greatest story of them all. I just find the "Love Rocket" the one which came in first place to be rather cheesy and a feel good story. I think maybe "I AM FORSAKEN" takes a path that Blizzard doesn't want to go down. This may also be the reason that Melvenor's "Home, Sweet Andorhal" didn't even place, since in my opinion was better written and put together than any of them. There is talk that these forsaken videos woobifies the forsaken into something they are not. To me this isn't true at all.

There is a difference to being all happy about being undead and having Sunday morning pancakes then making the people pay for the life you are now living. Sylvanas is the prime example of this. She accepts what she has been given, but of course she wanted to seek revenge against Arthas and those who would stand against her now. The Forsaken themselves are a redemption story. Hence their name "Forsaken" they were castoffs. These were once members of the Alliance which now wants nothing to do with them. Imagine how that would effect you. It would be like you losing everyone you knew because someone came a shot off half your face. You lived but no one wants anything to do with you.

So because of this attitude 1 movie, which of course should have been included with the winners is excluded and of the movies included in the winners circle the best one didn't even win. Maybe it is just me though. Watch the 4 videos in the from the link above and then watch the movie below and honestly tell me which is the best.


  1. When I first starting watching I thought you were just going to be showing favourites, but honestly that last one is by far much better than all the others.

  2. Agreed the forsaken videos are much better than the rest

  3. Andorhal was just wow. Not that the others weren't good, but I kinda see your point. Although the "I am Forsaken" one reminded me a lot of Arthas bottle spinning one.