Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

So today is Canadian Thanksgiving. It is like American Thanksgiving except earlier without a deep fryer and loaded guns. In advance send hate mail for that comment to Anyways, with it being Thanksgiving and with 4.0 all but officially confirmed for tomorrow I decided to come up with a Thanks list.
  • Thank you Blizzard for all the useless Pally gear that has dropped in ICC and allowed me to break 6k gearscore on my joke holy warrior set.
  • Thank you also Blizzard for my pretty Legendary that makes me feel like I am uber awesome
  • Thank you to all the people who didn't pre buy gems and glyphs and will get me the last 10k I need to become part of the Million Gold club tomorrow.
  • Thank you to this Girl Guide who came by and sold me these cookies and gave me something to eat while posting this
  • Thank you to Three Score for being an awesome guild and allowing me to lead you all these years. Who would have thought we would be going to our 4th expansion.
  • Thank you for everyone who records the "bits" I say and reminds me of it over and over again.
  • Thank you to Dr. Pepper for being there while I am thirsty during raids
  • Thank you for vent normalization
  • Thank you to Ret Pallies for being fail and also giving me a go to topic if I have nothing else to go on
  • Thank you for my neck finally dropping off Blood Queen. Oh wait that didn't happen.
  • Thank you to the Gauss Nation who have given me the motivation to keep on posting
  • And lastly thank you in advance for my beta invite to the next expansion

Enjoy the rest of your Monday and the last capable day of raiding before 4.0. That is unless everyone in every game circle is wrong.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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