Thursday, October 14, 2010

Return To Arms

After playing Arms yesterday I realized how much I missed it. I was never a fan of dual wield even if I had the giant two handers. Maybe it is just my play style. A Fury Warrior is supposed to be reckless and a raging berzerker. Now not that this isn't fun to do once in awhile, but it really came down to just an ADD type DPS where you are just mashing buttons and saying "I am awesome I have two two handers!". Arms is a much more controlled and fun play style for me. You have to watch your rend and procs and make sure not to miss any. It is a much more difficult spec to play and much more rewarding when you do it well. People would say to me you're amazing you just did such and such DPS and really I would be thinking I was really only press 2 buttons back and forth. As Arms you have more of a sense of accomplishment when things go well. It is the reason I always wanted to play a DPS warrior. The Arms Warrior itself was modeled after Cairne. The very reason I chose to pick a tauren. I plan to make him proud as long as Blizzard keeps it as an opportunity.

So getting back to my Arms Warrior roots gets me back to this old awesomeness. Guess I will have to go take a picture of myself before this expansion is over to fit in.

Hopefully my Level 80 finishing shot is just and menacing as these ones.


  1. I will say having 2 weapons makes you look crazy but having one makes it look more intense and focused