Tuesday, October 5, 2010

You Fail At Being A Hunter If...

So Happy Fail Day everyone! Today is installment number two of the classes for Fail Day. I know it will be hard to top the Pally, but by popular request the Hunter is going to be number two. So sit back and laugh at your friends, laugh at the people you think are your friends, laugh at your alts, and of course take offense that I am laughing at you.

You Fail At Being A Hunter If...
  • You have a pet whose name is the animal it is
  • You run out of amount and must melee a boss
  • The concept of kiting evades you
  • You leave aspect of the daze on
  • You disengage off a cliff
  • You ever have to pay a repair bill
  • You think volley is pro AoE
  • Your ability to misdirect a tank is non existent
  • You ever have used the term "Hunter Weapon"
  • You are BM spec for progression raids
  • You have aggro problems
  • You don't know the reason hunters are referred to as "huntards"
  • You complain hunters have never received a chance at a legendary
  • Your name is in any way a reference to Legolas

and finally

  • Your pet ran away during a boss pull because you forgot to feed it

That is it for this week. Hope all of you hunters had a good laugh and hope all of the non hunters got a good laugh, because your class could be next week! Good luck on this Free Loot Tuesday!


  1. Oh snap sucks to be a hunter today

  2. You fail at ripping on huntards if you don't know that firing a range weapon causes it to lose durability

  3. I think throwing weapons are the most pro it is like throwing a reapir bill. But really anytime you use a weapon of any sort it takes durability hunters aren't special in that way.

  4. Wait! Wait! "You disengage off a cliff" is one of the BEST reasons to be a hunter. Disengaging off Netherstorm was epic.


  5. Huntard bad habits are just hard to break =)

    I have to agree with Deb, disengaging is one of the best reasons to be a hunter - that..and all the loot we can claim as being ours.

  6. LOTR is awesome why wouldn't I want to name my toon after him!