Thursday, October 7, 2010

The "S" Key

Today I am going to rant about something that drives me completely mad. My hope is that people will read this and either realize how moronic they are being or that they will pass this information along and inform people about how moronic they are. The "S" key for those who don't know is the default character which makes you walk backwards. In code known as "back peddle". This is all well and good if there is a logical reason to walk backwards to which I can not find a reason at the moment. Let me propose some situations where it wouldn't be good to do so.
  • Someone is running at you with a knife and going to stab you
  • A car is coming right for you
  • Your house is on fire
  • A ledge is collapsing on a cliff and you could fall in

See these would seem simple that you would turn and run. How does this get lost in translation in WoW. Leo the Blind in SSC was where this first started to bug me. This guy spinning around in circles is coming right for you and I am slowly going to walk backwards and watch him as he kills me. Ya that makes a lot of sense. You are standing in fire and you must watch the situation as you slowly back peddle out of the fire which is killing you. Oh look a Blood Beast is about to give you a facial I will just slowly walk backwards instead of running the hell away from it. Zombie coming right for me excuse me while I want a front row seat to it killing me. I have Pack of the Dark Fallen so I will walk to the middle backwards while I survey the room for some apparent reason.

These situations may seem funny, but why do people have to do this. In real life it would seem completely retarded as you saw above, but in WoW people don't make this connection. Maybe it is just me expecting people not to be an idiot or expecting to much. I just want to know someone's logic with this situation. Who knows maybe they would walk backwards when being chased by a masked murder or if a car was about to hit them. If that was the case at least this entire situation would make more sense.


  1. LMAO it really does make no sense but people still do it.

  2. ....who would want to get out of fire? I thought fire gave you a haste buff? Does it not qork anymore? I keep dying whenever i try to get the buff.

  3. dont forget moonwalking