Friday, October 1, 2010

I Loot Therefore I Complain

Today is Friday, which means it is time for a Reader Post. The post where all of you send in your submissions and make the post what it is. This week I asked for submissions about that time people complained about loot for one reason or another. So here goes

While in VoA 25 man I was the only Enhancement Shaman. The PvP legs drop for Shamans, a Hunter rolls on them and wins and the raid leader didnt bother to check if he was a Shaman and he got the legs... Ya I had a few choice words for him to be certain. In the end his excuse was....I didnt see the "Shaman" part!

While i was on my warlock, in tanaris, i was groupign with a mage a priest and a warrior, and the Underworld band droped, so i said neato, this- would be nice for me (me being the only warlock in the party, so i rolled need, and so did the mage. the mage won 17 to 6 (i rolled the 6) and then i asked what the mage was gonna put it on, and they replied, no one, i need the mats for my enchanting, and before i could get another word in, they got a small radiant shard, and i was slack jawed (to say the least) then after the priest finished typing her novel as to who should be rolling for it, she spoke up and said to the mage that that epic ring has shadow damage, and the 'lock could have used it a lot more than the mage could have used the shard, about 8 minutes passed and everything re spawned, and we all got raped.

I was running my friend through gnomer, he was a hunter and going to be a twink. He also invited this priest from the guild which was begging to go too, so we get there and around the last boss the BOE gnomer leggings drop!!! The hunter asks may i have, for my twink set? i say of course and the priest says Hell no, AND NEEDS and i was just WTF BITCH?!? The Hunter died in that fight *i was only lvl 43 when i tried running them* and the priest freaking left, w/o rezing!!! Left the guild! and cussed us out in psts! i reported him for cussing 0=} *i don't ussaully report anyone for anything but i was pissed* I found out he had been reported for this before and got his account frozen.Yay *reason i found out cause he made another account and cussed me out, again and tried reporting me for NOTHING*

Omfg, running ZF yeh, ran it for 2 months straight, what was i looking for [Jang'thraze the Deflector] already got Sang'thraze. Anywho, 9th run of the night, im um to chief ulkorz skullcap, and we down him, like we have the previous 8 times, it drops, im like so excited i nearly fell out of my chair, i click need, then the hunter clicks need, im like WTF Dude, i really need that, he wins the roll and i have a go at him and he says, " I needed the other half more than you did" im like " Dude, i have been farming for two months, and i been paying you guys for the run, you got 45g outta me tonight, what the hell?" he replies " You dont deserve this sword, i do, get fuxed, eat cock, and good luck trying to get it again loser" he left the grp. worst ninja ever, i almost gave up on it, it was because of him it took me so long to get to 62, and i never got it, always wanted that Epic 2h

So i was in deadmines on my mage. When we got to the foundary im like "i want this ring (Lavishly Jeweled Ring) so please let me have it." Everyone agrees but the pally (i think she was dps), she also asked if she could need it and we all agreed (still i was really hoping she lost). we kill the boss and i dont get any loot pop-up menu roll thing-a-majig, all i see is "[Assholepally] recieves loot: [Lavishly Jeweled Ring]" so im like WTF and then i see it.. the loot bag of doom sitting there next to the pally's portrait, laughing at me with its stiches and whatnot. So basically the moral here is dont let the person who you are up against for loot be leader.

We had this mage in our guild that would roll on everything he could use even if he shouldn't use it. Then everything he didn't win somehting regardless of it would improve him or not he would go on and go about how it would change the very face of the world if he would have gotten it. It became this big joke everytime he lost and people would say "oh noes here it goes"

That is it for this week. As always if yu want to have a submission for these posts check out the topic on Sunday and then you have till Thursday night to get it in. Can't be part of it if you don't take part.

Enjoy your weekend!

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