Friday, October 8, 2010

Onward To Cataclysm

It is Friday, which means it is the Reader Post for the week. This week I asked everyone to send in what they were looking forward to in Cataclysm. Lots of submissions so maybe this is what you are looking forward to, maybe it is not, or maybe you didn't even think about this. So let's get to it.

ALTS. I love making alts, I love levelling alts from 10-30. For whatever reason, my initiative seems to peter out between 30 and 50. So on one hand, I want to be able to gain a level in a couple hours, yet I don’t want things to be made to easy? What a hypocrite I am! What’s the answer? Well for me, a good answer would be have the first character on any server level at the old speed – that is, 8-10 days played to get to the max level. Any subsequent characters on that server could then level at a prorated speed, for instance the 2nd character levels 10% faster, third 20% and so on provided the 3rd doesn’t exceed the 2nd in level. Ok, so I got a little off track there, I’m really looking forward to a revamp of some of the old zones, the Barrens in particular. I’m extremely excited about the prospect of all these low level zones getting a population boost as a result of these changes. I’m also looking forward to Trolls and Gnomes getting a proper capital city and starting experience, Goblins, the Mastery system, the prospect of player and guild housing, talent overhauls, new abilities, and new zones. Lastly, and this might be the big one, Graphical Updates. I’d love nothing more that to see just a few more polygons on the screen.

We're going to get whole new dungeons we haven't seen hundreds of times already, with all-new mechanics. Glory in once again having no idea what this pull does. I have always enjoyed "let's try this" and then you die horribly and get to try again.

The Stockades has new bosses including one fugitive gnoll above who’s finally coming into his own – Hogger! Apparently thanks to the effects of Deathwing breaking free of his prison, the Stormwind Stockades has suffered a little damage and just as the guard was starting to regain control of the area, a number of new prisoners and areas of the prison have opened up, with the imprisoned running free. Of course, you’ll have to revisit your roots and head back in to put the resistance down and restore order to Stormwind, but there’ll be a bit more in store for you this time around, including three new quests and three new bosses!

Just seeing the old zones redesigned will be great. Going to places where you have been 100s of times and being able to say "that is awesome". Making old things new will bring many old players back to the game and make the game more enjoyable because it won't be the same old place. There will be new and exciting things to do.

Instances that require CC and thought. All those idiots that scream go go go will keep dying and hopefully they will learn or quit the game. Either way that works for me.

Let’s face it, World of Warcraft is showing it’s age. I’m not just talking about graphics, I’m talking about game-play. I’m talking about grinding. I’m talking about the interface, about reliance on the random number generator, about those things that are still buggy and broken in the current game. Cataclysm represents to me, everything that Wrath of the Lich King should have been. As a self-admitted reroller, I really enjoy creating a new character and leveling him up. And from I’ve read, this is exactly what Cataclysm is going to be bringing to WoW – that polished experience you’ve come to enjoy from 58-80 will now be available from the initial starting experience. I must say, this couldn’t be coming at a better time for me, as my interest in WotLK waned shortly after reach 80 and starting on Nax last fall.

That is it for this week. As always if you want to be a part of it look for next week's topic on Sunday during Ask Gauss. You can't be a part if you don't submit anything. Enjoy your Friday and have a good weekend.


  1. New races plain and simple

  2. I'm looking forward to figuring out how to harass your "new and improved" FtH runs.