Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Wrath Of For The Horde

With Tuesday being the most likely release date of patch 4.0 this weekend is most likely the end of the For The Horde as we have known it in Wrath. First off I would like to state the record of completions is 84-12. That means 84 successful runs and 12 which were stopped that is a 87.5% rate of completion and I will take it. So as this era draws to an end I want to relive some of the best moments of For The Horde.

Death From Above: Using the levitate bug we were able to get 3 people, one being a warlock above the kings room in Ironforge. We summoned a raid of 40 people up there and once everyone was assembled and buffed we dropped down like a raid of paratroopers and owned the King flawlessly.

Ultimate For The Horde: One weekend on both Saturday and Sunday I assembled multiple raids to not only kill the leaders of the cities but to control them. On the Saturday we held Ironforge for almost an hour causing havoc I don't think the server had ever seen. On the Sunday we started in Ironforge, held it for 15 minutes before making our way to Stormwind and holding the entire city for over an hour before many in the group ran out of time.

The Yeti Cave: The perfect place to assemble without notice. What all those level 5 toons were thinking when they saw an army of Horde I can only imagine. Come Cataclysm we won't need spots like this, since we can just fly around. Sad panda.

Death to Gimm: Nothing like a rivalry, which has developed between defender and assaulter. This will be something I hope keeps going even if the raids will be changed quite a bit.

"The Fail is Strong Today": Everyone's favourite phrase that everyone waits and waits for me to say every single raid. The people that come back each week know it is coming and the newbies get something to remember.

The Crazy Mexican Kid: Oh yes how can we forget the kid that made me never want to give out my vent info again. He obviously never took a breath and obviously had a lot to say even if there wasn't anything of substance in what he was saying.

Bagellord: How can we ever forget Bagellord. The champion of fail himself who will always give us those "remember that time..."

So be here have some fun and let's make the last For The Horde raids before 4.0 be something to remember as well. LOK'TAR OGAR!!!!!!!!


  1. Woot LET'S DO THIS!!!!!!

  2. Good times... Good times. /brofist


  4. The one weekend I decide to wash the living room throw rugs, cut back the brush in the back yard, clean up a small section of the basement and clean the kitchen so, on Sunday, I can make more dishes when I bake muffins, you do a run and I'm 30 minutes late, not that there would have been opposition in Ironforge.

    I'm really touched to be included in this list. I'm lousy at PvP, but, I have to say, deciding to become a mosquito to your raids has made me better. I don't die as quickly and I discovered what some of those little used buttons do.

    I could have strangled the people who were asking me questions as you rampaged through the Trade District today. I need to not be so polite and answer questions when they are asked. I didn't even see you until you had charged. I think I got a swing in. So, I consider that a win because it took you longer than 1.2 seconds to kill me. And YES, Alliance. For the 1,723rd time, I do know where the raid is because I follow them. /twitch.

    If I have any say in the matter, I will always be the annoyance to your raids. I know, today, you were telling people, "Watch Gimm. Someone target Gimm. She has a tendency to suddenly flag." I'm looking forward to new adventures and to new strategies. Part of me is sad to see this come to an end because it's been a heap of fun. But, I'm energized and excited by the potential flying mounts and the changed world will offer us.

    /salute Gauss. I'm proud to be your adversary.