Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ask Gauss

So it is Sunday and to take words out of someone's mouth, Deal with it! Anyways, on Sunday as most people who have read anything I write know, today is Ask Gauss. The day where I go through the wonderful thing known as "mail" and answer questions I have been asked. Of course, I cannot answer them all, so I choose 3. So here goes.

How do you think the release of 4.0.1 went?

Well I don't know how many of you experienced the previous .0 patches, but in relation. 2.0 was a nightmare nothing worked, tons of in game mechanics were buggy, and the world server was going up and down for days. This was normal for all the patch days of old. We all had gotten used to it. 3.0 was much better except for the fact 70% of the mods did not work and were unable to be updated for weeks. Blizzard changed some of the normal coding and made the developers of the addons have nightmares. The servers were much more stable and we actually were able to raid without issues. So this brings us to 4.0. Servers came up a little later than expected, but when they did they were stable. The mod issue was much better because I think many developers learned from the past mistakes and were much more prepared for it. The difference was the game changed a lot and many people have had to relearn to play their class more so than ever before, which isn't a bad thing just changes the way people perceive if the release was a success or not. So with everything that went on on Tuesday and everything that changed I would say this was probably the most successful .0 release patch. This is a good omen because it means 5.0 will probably continue the pattern.

Would you turn someone down from joining your guild based on their name?

Well I cannot say I have ever turned someone down because they have problems with naming their toon within Blizzard's rules, but still make themselves out to look as if Bagellord surpasses them in intelligence. I am not saying everyone who joins has a name which is not borderline moronic because that would be a lie. So I will not say I wouldn't because they one of you will create a random toon with the most ridiculous name in the history of Warcraft and then ask for an invite and will have to take what I just said. So I will go with yes to cover myself from the madness that would ensue.

What is your favourite critter in the game?

Well I thought this was a very interesting question but how could I turn down a critter that I have these memories with.

That is it for this week. Next week's Reader Post will be about your fun and exciting times since 4.0 has hit. I know you all will have a lot of fun with that one.

Enjoy what is left of your weekend.