Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh My That Is One Pissed Off Dragon

I am, of course, refering to this

This can be really only be referred to as EPIC. Deathwing as I have been stating for months is really the ultimate villain. He hates everyone and everything, and his only goal is to destroy Azeroth and everything it stands for. We also get a full look at all the destruction that will come. The scene outside of Booty Bay and the tidal wave along with him letting all of Stormwind know how pissed off he is. By far the best Cinematic Blizzard has done, and I thought the Lich King one was being amazing in itself. This just tells you how awesome I think this one is. For those that couldn't wait to see Cataclysm then watch this it just makes December 7th seem so much further away.

Try not to keep watching it over and over.


  1. Holy @#$% that was amazing!!!!

  2. When Deathwing flew over Auberdine I thought, "Gauss has been wanting to destroy the place for years and it takes a dragon to do it."

    I think our petty rivalries will seem trivial when the world, as we know it, is destroyed.