Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ask Gauss

Happy Sunday all, and as with every Sunday here it is time to answer the questions of the week. As always if you want your question answered just send them throughout the week to and I will answer them regardless if it is on here or not. So there is for all the people who have told me it is impossible to see the link in the top right to the email. Anyways, let's get on with this week's questions.

What qualities do you think makes a good guild leader?

I think patience is something which is a must. You cannot expect that your guild is going to be the best of the best always. Every guild has there ups and downs and it is about how you manage both situations, which will show your true abilities. In good times it is about making sure your guild doesn't fall into the trap of entitlement and expectations. In the bad times it is about keeping people happy and being encouraging. Guild members regardless of what they say take their guild master's feelings and mood to how well the guild is going and to see the direction. This is why someone who acts as if the world is going to end is never going to be able to keep their guild together through the hard times.

Also I think you need to have someone who is approachable. You have to be someone that everyone can talk to on an even scale. People need to be able to talk to the guild master about the guild. State their concerns and give feedback. Sure the Guild is pretty much a dictatorship, but it is about handling it in a way that gives every guild member a voice. It really all comes back to patience saying something when it needs to be said and acting at the right times.

With Cataclysm and 10 man guilds being on the rise, will this be the end of practice of Loot Systems?

Well 10 man guilds first of all probably have no more than 12 active raiders. That is,of course, ssuming they are for progression and only running 1 group. In this one group lets assume 2 tanks 3 melee, 3 healers, 4 range for the 12 people. The overlap on loot between people in a 10 man is pretty minor. Sure there will probably be a couple items that a couple people want but it would be pretty minor. Also the atmosphere of a 10 man is much different than a 25. A 10 man is generally more relaxed,people tend to more open and talk with one another, where as a 25 man people are quiet except for 4 or 5 people. This makes 10 man a more open and friendly type atmosphere where in fact a roll system could work just because the lack of people interested in specific items and the atmosphere of the group itself. If this be the case then shoudn't we end all loot systems? No of course not, but you can go with a much more simplistic system which is focused on a smaller group. Something like suicide kings is a great example. Where as a a point system such as EPGP would be in my mind a waste of time. Loot council as well might be bordering on too much time for that size of people. So really I think loot systems will be less important, but I truly doubt they will disappear.

What makes you smile?

Watching a ret pally die.

That is it for this week. Send me all your knew questions throughout the week and maybe you could be featured here next week. Next week's Reader Post will be about what you are looking forward to most come Cataclysm.

Enjoy the remains of your weekend.


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