Tuesday, October 19, 2010

You Fail At Being A Mage If...

Welcome to yet another Tuesday and yet another weekly infusion of fail. This week I will take the dive into the mage class. Our brothers and sisters in blue and all their current OPness. So without waiting any longer to get your firepower let us get to the fail.

You Fail At Being A Mage If...
  • You have never played Portal Roulette with your raid members
  • You don't appreciate the ability to cast a table
  • You lose to a warrior in a duel
  • You ever had 71 points in frost
  • You cast living bomb on a Mind controlled target
  • Your mirror images are better at assisting then you
  • Your polymorph is set to sheep
  • You have issues farming or making gold
  • You don't replace your 1 and 2 keys on your keyboard at least once a month
  • You were a fire mage in Molten Core
  • Wally is your idol because of his ability to play a mage
  • You complain leveling is time consuming
  • You do poorly in arena
  • You think mages weren't buffed enough with 4.0.1
  • The name of your toon has anything to do with Harry Potter

and finally

  • You think a mage is hard to play

That is it for this week. I think our blues friends had it coming. Reminder if you didn't know go pick up your copy of "The Shattering" it is the new Warcraft book and deals with all of the pre-Cataclysm Lore. I haven't started reading it, but it is sitting beside me. I will be sure to tell you all my thoughts at one time or another. Happy Reset if your guild is still into that and happy Trick or Treating regardless.


  1. I like my turtle and my penguin

  2. You do look good as a penguin or turtle, Gauss.