Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You Fail At Being A Warlock If...

So it is Patch Day today, but besides that it is everyone's favourite day of the week Fail Day. Staying with the the theme of the last few weeks of picking specific classes and making you and those you know not only laugh but feel awful about yourselves I felt this was the perfect opportunity to do the warlock. So without waiting any longer here goes

You Fail At Being A Warlock If...
  • You don't have some stupid macro that everyone in the raid complains about when you summon your pet.
  • If you think your Blueberry has the coolest names of all your demons
  • Even when you were so Overpowered beyond belief you still found something about your class that needed to be buffed
  • You don't apply eye liner before raids
  • You think seeding is serious business
  • You don't enjoy hellfiring yourself to death
  • You wonder why you die when you mindlessly lifetap without getting heals
  • You don't complain about having to summon someone to an instance because you are there so why couldn't they be.
  • You don't have a snarky remark when someone asks for a lock cookie
  • You don't have aggro problems
  • Your toons hair isn't black
  • Even despite your tier sets being some of the best designed throughout the entire games existence you complain endlessly they look bad
  • When you pull aggro you blame it on "the dots"
  • You keep razorblades by your desk incase someone beats you on DPS

and finally

  • Even with Blizzards complete overhaul of the entire shard system you still complain it is stupid and unfair compared to other classes that have just mana

That is it for this week. Enjoy updating all your mods, finding things to do during downtime, and complaining that WoW as we know it is ending.


  1. I think it is a must that a warlock has a /wrists macro