Friday, October 29, 2010

Future Storylines

It is Friday for those that live in a box and need to be told what day of the week it is. With Friday, of course, brings the Reader Post. The post that is made by all of you readers and your contributions. This week I asked for submissions of what storyline you are most looking forward to with Cataclysm. So time to get to it.

The Goblin storyline is something which I am really excited for. It is something that is so similar to what happened to many poor Europeans doing the colonial days. Trying to get to the new world only to become slaves. Although in this case they get freed in the fluke event that their ship is wrecked by alliance cannon fire trying to destroy Horde ships. truly well thought out and can't wait to be a part of it.

Metzen said "Thrall is the most important person on Azeroth and doesn't even realize it". He also hinted at the fact that he could be a replacement to Deathwing in the Dominion of Earth. I have always thought the character of Thrall in terms of Lore is one of the most amazing and complex. Now that story gets expanded upon and I cannot wait.

I always thought Genn Greymane was this idiot in all the novels and reacted in some of the most inconsiderate and uncompassionate ways. Now he is one of the leaders of the Alliance with a very emotional leader in Varian. It will be interesting to see how the two of them interact with one another.

Deathwing is evil. Illidan there will always be a story of redemption that would be a possibility. Love or hate Arthas you just knew there was some of "Arthas" left over. There is nothing like that for Deathwing. He is the what a Villain should be. There is no doubt there is no chance for redemption there is only death and destruction. How can one not look forward to unlocking more of this amazing story of one of the "chosen" falling so far from grace.

I am interested in the CoT instance and developing more information about the Infinite dragonflight. Is it really Nozdormu or is it someone else behind them? I really hope we get some sort of answers since we were told the "family" will be coming together to defeat Deathwing.

The storyline in Cataclysm I'm most looking forward to is the tale of "Gauss and Gimm Going Around the World Killing Each Other". With flying now available in the old world, the potential to swoop down upon one's worthy opponent, kill them, and take off. The story will probably pick up on January 1st at, oh, 2 server time, because most everyone will be sober by then, with Gauss picking a fight somewhere in a storied Alliance city. Gimm will attempt to defend and die spectacularly. Thus will be born another chapter in the saga and new statistics will need to be created, "Number of attempts by Gimm to stop a raid" and "Number of times I killed Gimm as she attempted to stop a raid". Blizzard can't possibly top that storyline.

That is it for this week. As always if you want to make a submission look for the weekly topic every Sunday during the Ask Gauss post and then by the following Thursday send your submissions to

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I must agree the golbin storyline is quite an interesting one if you are a history buff. What would have happened if something like this happened in the real world back then?