Tuesday, October 26, 2010

You Fail At Being A Druid If...

It is Tuesday, everyone's favourite day of the week. The day where people check in to see what will be today's Fail topic. Keeping with the theme of Fail Day the past few weeks I am moving on to the Druid. So sit back and get ready to poke fun at all your druid friends.

You Fail At Being A Druid If...
  • You complain about being sheeped
  • You don't have an argument to why you should be rolling on those cloth boots
  • You don't have 8 sets of gear for 4 different specs 2 of which you will never use
  • You don't dance every time you enter moonkin form
  • You don't have at least 8 buttons bound to moonfire
  • You have no idea what "happy fun time druid" means
  • You are resto and don't have ADD
  • You find running the flag in WSG difficult
  • You don't rape raid members companion pets while waiting for pulls
  • There is another tank in the raid with more HP than you
  • You argue against cyclone being the most overpowered CC in the game
  • You have no problem with being able to pick herbs in flight form
  • You complain your class has no versatility
  • You think it is one of the harder classes to play

and finally

  • You tried to be cool and use flight form just before you hit the ground but died

That is it for this Fail Day. Enjoy pushing this upon all the druids you know. I know they will appreciate my insight. If you are raiding this week, enjoy your reset.


  1. isn't that what druid do in PvP? Spam moonfire?

  2. my poor cat has felt the pain of many a druids

  3. bahaha

    i was doing so good until the last one