Monday, October 4, 2010

The Non WoW Music

So as you all know or should know if you pay attention to anything I write, I play with WoW sounds and music on. I believe it adds to the game and the experience as a whole. Many people disagree with me on this and have decided to overload my inbox with "Are you serious?", "You call other people special?", "Don't you go mad every time you do Sindragosa?". The answer to all 3 questions is yes. I actually have to turn down Sindragosa music if I actually want to hear myself think or other people on vent. (Now what all those that don't play with music will do Sindragosa with music on...)

So with all of this in mind I am just going to wager a guess at what some people must listen to while playing WoW.


Let's not joke around here around here, PvPers are predictable. Most of the major arena contributors are of the age 17-21 and think they are the greatest thing to ever log on to WoW. This is also why many "Hardcore" arena players have a very hard time converting to PvE because they lack the discipline and the patience, which is generally associated with the younger player. Anyways, getting off topic. I would venture a guess that "Let the bodies hit the floor", "Indestructible", or some other form of alternative rock are quite popular. Of course I also have to assume that any rap including various forms of Eminem are on the list. Hey maybe even throw some "Eye of Tiger" into the mix.


I tend to think the people that listen to music whiling doing this are generally listening to popular music from whatever era they grew up in. Why? Because it helps them pass the time while they may be doing things that many consider to be mindless.


These people are generally special and have there own side of crazy. I will go with whatever type of Emo music is on their playlists.


Well those who don't know Whirl listens to "Barbie Girl", but really I have this theory that some people must do some sort of victory dance. "We are the champions" comes to mind or even "Don't Stop Believing", but maybe this is just me trying to imagine the most embarrassing thing to walk in on.

So there are my thoughts jumping into the heads of all of the non-WoW sounds people. It is not that I don't like music I just don't like it while I am playing. Last day before reset, may your slaying of Internet pixels be quick and precise.


  1. Sindragosa is the only fight i turn music off for. Unless I want a massive headache with the music and the combination of her voice

  2. None of the above, but you would find my playlist, when I do listen to music in game, "interesting".

    I admire your ability to play with the sound on all the time. Obviously you have figured out how to not transmit the game sounds through your mic. I want to slap every person who does that. You're trying to tell me you're spiked on Marrowgar and all I hear is the sound of combat. (sigh)


  3. Gobble, absolutely true. I also turn off the music when it comes to Sindragosa, her voice is not good to hear.