Thursday, October 28, 2010

Acting With Certainty

As with anything, something always comes around which is better than something else. Makes you think, makes you wonder, and you just become so involved in trying to figure it out. Maybe this is just me as a Mathematician, maybe it is not. I came across this machinima, and not only did I think is was absolutely perfect and wonderfully done, but it had what I was telling you above. There is just something about it that makes it one of a kind. If you have ever watch any machinima I can promise you would have seen nothing like this. Always when I make a post about machinima I will tell you my thoughts of the story and the video itself, but I am not going to do it this time. I want you all to watch it and pay attention and see what you can figure out from it. I have watched this many times and I find out more every time I watch it. I know you all will become involved in this as well and try to figure out "Acting with Certainty".

As the machinimator writes:

"I don't like to talk about Acting With Certainty too much because it's essentially a non-verbal experience. It attempts to communicate more to the subconscious and to the feelings than it does to the intellect. I think clearly there's a problem with people who are not paying attention with their eyes. They're listening. And they don't get much from listening to this film. Those who won't believe their eyes won't be able to appreciate this film." - Stanley Kubrick\Paus"

So without waiting any longer view what I will glad say is the best Machinima I have ever seen.

Tell me what you think, but try not to give things away to people who haven't seen it or figured it out. Reminder tonight is your last chance to get in your submissions for tomorrows Reader Post. The topic this week is what storyline you are most looking forward to come Cataclysm.


  1. That was something indeed

  2. Van Gogh and Gene Kelly, paired with Kafka. WOW.


  3. That was purely amazing in every which way possible