Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blizzcon 2010

Since today is Thursday and generally most weeks have Friday coming after Thursday and with Friday being the Reader's Post I will post my Blizzcon stuff, which beings tomorrow, today. So if upon reading that sentence you have no clue what I was saying it translates into "I am posting Blizzcon stuff today and not tomorrow since I have a post planned for tomorrow".

So Blizzcon. What I always look forward to is the contests, those being the costume, sound alike, and dance contest. I always enjoy watching people making idiots of themselves, trying to win a prize. Some people actually are pretty intense about the competition and take it insanely serious. This is especially true in the dance contest. If you are not getting the feed or going then check them out on youtube after they are over I promise you won't be disappointed.

Another thing I am looking forward to is Cataclysm discussion which is going to take place. Revealing more information about the game itself since, we are drawing so close to the release date. The class panel is always interesting along with the open questions of the audience. It really shows you how much effort they put into making the game what it is. Ghostcrawler also seems to enjoy doing it as well. It is not something that is like pulling teeth for him or his team. They like that you enjoy their game and want you to understand why they have done the things that they have done.

Last thing I am looking forward to is the "big announcement" there is always one. Last year the big one being that the next Expansion was Cataclysm. So time to sit back and wait and see. I'll be sure to get all the Blizzcon information I can into Saturday's blog till then sit tight.


  1. I love the sound alike contest

  2. That guy last year in the dance contest who did the orc dance was amazing hope he is back this year.