Thursday, April 29, 2010

And They Said It Was Impossible

I would like to inform everyone that the Fury tanking experiment has been completed. Yes you have heard right. Yesterday it was accomplished Heroic Halls of Reflection down. For those of you unfamiliar with the Fury tanking experience let's review the rules
  • Must be in Fury Spec
  • Must be in full DPS gear
  • Must be in Berzerker Stance
  • Cannot use any real tanking abilities (i.e. any Taunt, Shield wall etc)

Up until yesterday all instances had been completed in this fashion. Knowing how insane Halls of Reflection would be Vinletsu had the idea of queuing as a DPS so we would have 2 healers for the instance. It worked and we were off to the races. It was going well until we got our first pack with a rogue and we wiped. The hunter we had in our group left saying this was stupid and was never going to happen. With his DPS it was obvious it wouldn't. He was doing under 2k, while the DK in the group who had some BoA gear was doing close to 3k. I was doing 8.8k.

This was when I had the idea when we requeued that the shaman healer we had could queue as DPS and we could have a third healer. Vin and I were talking and knew Falric was going to be one hell of a fight. We got a third healer, a pug, who sadly it was another shaman, but it was a healer.

We got through the waves without a problem using the polar opposite of the normal strat. Kill the physical guys first and leave the casters up, because of fact they were the ones that were going to kill me. Then Falric..."Men, women, children...None were spared the master's wrath. Your death will be no different." I was really concerned if we would have enough DPS and if the healers could keep me up with the debuff, and of course a little luck with the fear. Well they were some how able to keep me alive and I had to some what kite the boss at the end in order to get healed up. 80% less healing on a fury tank is pretty intense. When we accomplished this feat we all should have gotten an achievement.

We didn't have much time to celebrate as we had 4 more waves and another boss. Of course every wave had to have had a rogue in it. Blizzard couldn't make it easy for us could they. We did get through the waves and got to Marwyn...

So when we thought Falric was hard enough because of the debuff, but Marwyn could basically almost one shot me every time "Choke on your suffering" was yelled out I would drop down to about 1600 health or less. I had faith in the healers and some how some way we pulled it off. Marwyn down!

We got by the skeleton without a problem and now I seriously thought I couldn't carry the DPS through the waves. One of the shamans switched to Elemental and we were off to the races. Last wave for shits and giggles and celebration we popped Bloodlust and Army and it was done. Halls of Reflection without a real tank. Taking close to 3,000,000 damage the entire instance. The impossible was accomplished. What couldn't be done had been.

I would like to thank Vinletsu how had healed every instance for the Fury tanking process. Also the random pugs for this HoR Smexydk from Eonar, Svampfest from Earthen Ring, and Bludwashed from Burning Blade. Great job and thanks for being a part of it.

Reminder is that today is the last day to get in your stories or random thoughts in WoW about things that bug you to no end.


  1. Wow even with three healers that is amazing.


  2. holy crap you actually did it and with pugs at that.

  3. don't let blizzard know you did this...