Friday, April 16, 2010

My Favourite Boss

There are hundreds of bosses in WoW as I know you are aware of. I also know that everyone has a favourite boss. It could be a boss that took you or your guild forever to take down, could be that it gave you a sense of accomplishment, or you could just like the encounter and enjoy doing it. This is what this weeks reader post is about. So let's see what everyone had to say.

Onyxia has a special place for me. It was the first major boss my guild killed. We were working on her for some time and through all the wipes and all the whelp deaths and of course all the quoting of that famous video we finally got her down. This was also the reason I was so happy that Blizzard decided to "redo" Onyxia for the 5th aniversary. Giving the raiders and others alike who didn't get to expierene her in her prime the chance to do so.

Sarth 3D to me is a great encounter, which really showed your guild had what it took be a top level guild. I am not talking about the joke now that is the nuke strat. I am talking about handling the drakes, cooldowns on the tanks, and DPS killing the adds and going in the portals. I truly great and well designed encounter.

I didn't play wow pre-WotLK, so my experience isn't as great as some. Anyway, my favorite boss would have to be Mimiron HM. Seriously, even on 10 man theres fire everywhere and it's just chaotic. From a dps standpoint in my opinion it's possibly the best way to accurately test someones dps potential, with all the moving and dodging and dpsing of adds.

Lady Vashj to me is one of the best designed encounters. Was difficult and required great execution. The fact is even now you can't just go in there and use your level 80 power to steam roll the encounter. You need to know the strat and how to handle the cores. They need to bring encounters back like this that required the entire raid to function as a unit.

Ragnaros is what start it all. He was the perfect balance between DPS, tanking, position, and add management. He was also my first major triumph in this game. I really hope when hes back they give him an encounter which does justice to his first encounter.

Illidan was it for me. The build up to fight him was just something epic in its own right. The first pull when he said "YOU ARE NOT PREPARED" made me really think we weren't prepared. We got our asses handed to us easily. We put in the work and got him down killing one the major WoW characters in history. Was great stuff and I won't ever forget it.

That is it for this week as there is a limit to the amount of stuff people will read. As always thank you for all the submissions and sure to check next weeks topic which will be stated on Sunday. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. No one for Vael in BWL? I thought it was awesome "your death only adds to my failure"


  2. He did say he didn't post all the people who sent him something. I could only imagine if he did.

  3. Onyxia. I'm glad someone else admires that boss as much as I do. I'm curious which bosses garnered the most "votes", if you will. It would be interesting to see if people voted for the bosses which required more cooperation than pew pew to down. I think those are the fights we remember most.


  4. I prefer bosses that are not hit or miss on one or two things. I think Archimonde is a great example of a boss fight I hate because it is so random. Meaning you could do it 100 times then wipe on it because of something completely random. I would agree about fights like Vashj and Kael are probably some of my favourites