Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ask Gauss

Well it is Easter and it's Sunday so that means it is time for some Ask Gauss. Been an interesting week and I apologize for my slow response to emails this week. I'll get back to my 1 day rule this coming week. If I don't be sure to give me crap for it. Anyways let's get to the questions

Do you think with the stat changes and how they work in Cataclysm will make the game too easy?

First off changing the way stats work isn't going to make you have more skill. Sure it will make figuring out things easier, but let's be honest. At the moment you can go to any site that knows anything worth a damn and figure this out. You can download spreadsheets, rawr, tankpoints, or ratingbuster. All of these things have been doing a lot of the work for you. So will the stat changes make you as better player? Basically only if you were completely retarded in the first place. I am liking how they are letting you somewhat change your equipment, which will lead to some interesting character choices. Let me also say something else about this. WoW is not a hard game to play. This is why it is so popular you don't need to be amazing to play it. To play it well maybe, but to get through much of it you can be just an ok player. If WoW was as hard as say Demon Souls I think the player base would be a lot smaller then the talk of making it easier would have much more of an impact.

Where do you think are some of the best visual spots in WoW?

Well this is a matter of opinion, but zone wise I tend to think the best looking zones are Mulgore, Nagrand, and Howling Fjord. Now that is zone wise. I thinking my header screen from Newman's Landing is quite a place to look out into the ocean. Also the Twin Colossal out in Feralas gives a great view. Storm peaks has so great views up by Ulduar and just flying in the mountains. I would also include instances in this. Ulduar is great for, and in my opinion the Algalon encounter is home to the best views in all of WoW even if you can avoid the seizures.
What would you say to me if I died like an idiot on trash in ICC?


So that is it for this week. Friday's reader posts will be about your RP outfits and the story behind them. As a last note as requested I put the most popular labels on the side for quick reference. Hopefully it makes finding posts easier.


  1. I think they are just making the stats make more sense. With so many stats being able to d othe same thing it makes sense. And with confusing stats like ArP, Defense, and mp5 the scrapping of them makes it much more linear.

  2. stats are just streamlined not making the game easier