Tuesday, April 27, 2010

You Fail At Obtaining Gold If

So it is Tuesday and besides the Icecrown buff being raised to 15% it is time for your weekly dose of fail. I was looking through my notebook and to my surprise I found this one and I couldn't believe I had not used it yet. So time to /point /laugh /mock and all those things you do at the less fortunate.

You Fail At Obtaining Gold If...
  • Your main source of income is logging on your level 12 alt and asking for money to respec
  • You do not have epic flying
  • You cannot fly in Northrend
  • You have a slow ground mount at max level
  • You cannot respec because you cannot afford it
  • You play a female toon so people are more likely to give you gold
  • You didn't gem or enchant something because it is going to be replaced
  • You complain at the cost of flight paths
  • You place items on the Auction House for less than vendor price
  • Having your gold at 4 digits is a big deal
  • You have ever said "Well I only have X amount is that good enough"
  • You are using blue gems because epic ones are too expensive
  • You are using AP on your weapon because Berzerking is overpriced
  • You cannot pay your repair bills
  • You require a mage to be in your group because you are too cheap to buy food and water
  • Your hangout spot in a city resembles Hollywood Blvd.

and finally

  • You buy gold

That is it for this addition of Fail Day. May your Free Loot Tuesday bring you what you wish for and if not just remember.

"Everyone, calm down! Compose yourselves! There is no conspiracy at play here."


  1. I really don't understand people who buy gold. Pretty stupid in my opinion.


  2. I saw a guy once who was level 70 with epic land mount. It made me laugh

  3. 4 digits is a big deal!