Friday, April 30, 2010

Honestly? Really?

Friday it is, and the last day of April at that. Friday means it is time for the weekly reader post. This week I asked you all to tell me about the things in WoW that drive you insane. It was a take on a question that I answered on this past Sunday's Ask Gauss. So let's have a look. Enjoy the ranting.

So why is it we have a key ring, bags for gems, bags for enchanting mats, bags for shards, bags for arrows, and whatever else you need one for. But of course we don't have something for extra gear. How hard would it be. Being a class that can have 3 separate specs plus PvP gear this bugs the hell out of me.

How many years has this game been going and we still don't have a pair of boots that have been made for trolls. I am tired of just have anklets. Maybe in the expansion they will finally realize it hurts walking around without boots or shoes all the time.

Why do I have too look queen when I play a male Bloodelf? I have a hard enough time making friends to being with, now I have to deal with this. Can't something make me look all tough and scary?

Sindragosa's voice... Makes me contemplate ending my life every time I hear it.

Why my friend and ignore lists can't be longer. Like honestly wtf is up with that.

That I have to wait an hour after an auction ends to get my gold. This wasn't always the case. Do they now have idiots working in the accounts payable department in the auction house? Seriously what is the point of this.

The stupid mount bug in Dalaran. How I have to run in and out and off the landing just to be able to use my flying mount. This has been going on since people got to Dalaran, are they ever going to fix this?

Not having an IQ check for the people who operate vehicles in Wintergrasp. Yes, we just broke in on the west, but some moron is taking his siege to the east wall.

How awful sometimes the RNG is. Makes me want to kill kittens.

For making pets of the most bothersome bosses around. Why oh why did it have to be XT. Couldn't it have been something cool like Illidan or Ragnaros. "You are not prepared" or "TOO SOON" would have been so much better.

Why is my backpack only 16 slots? Do I really even have to explain why this makes no sense?

How guild banks can't have more tabs. Honestly I don't care about the cost, but having to make like 5 guild banks just to hold all my guilds materials is stupid. Especially when I get accused of stealing it all to myself because of course no one can see it all but me.

Why does the Alliance still has the advantage in Alterac Valley? Everyone knows this is unfair and they still haven't changed it. Do they just plan on ignoring this forever? With rated battlegrounds this will be extremely important, since we will be at a disadvantage every time we go into AV.

That is it for this weekly. Hope you all enjoyed your open mic QQ. Have a great weekend.


  1. don't kill kittens it will all be ok.


  2. IQ checks would be helpful