Saturday, April 24, 2010

What Is That You're Wearing?

So yesterday I was chilling by my mailbox in Dalaran like I always do while answering my in game mails. Which were more than normal, but whatever that is not part of the story. Anyways, this was when I started to notice these alliance around me. All having me targeted. I was wearing my almost completed pally set. I am missing a shield, although using, at the moment, a Kara mace as an off-hand. I actually think it would be quite amusing to dual wield healing maces. So for like 10 maybe 15 minutes these alliance people keep coming and were obviously inspecting me. Of course I know I must be something to look at, but it seemed like something was going on. This was when an ally logged over and was telling me I was the current target of trade chat over there. They couldn't believe the gear I was wearing. Saying how could my guild let me have that gear? First off I didn't take any gear from anyone in my guild for the set. That would be pretty stupid if I did. The point of the set was to show how stupid using gearscore can be at times. Also I has become fun for me to stand or sit next to a holy pally I outgear. So even though my pally set isn't done yet, since this came up I will show it to you.

I was thinking of wear the best place to take screenshots would be when I decided that the birth place of the idea of the Paladin would be a good place for the birth place of the Holy Warrior. This being Northshire Abbey.
So yes unfinished but I have over 5300 Gearscore with a Kara Mace. Not bad at all. So meet the Holy Warrior. What you think dual wield or get myself a shield? Be sure to let me know what you think.


  1. My eyes!!!!!!!


  2. wtf why is that so bright. Did you kill lowbies while you were there? The first deaths from the Holy Warrior

  3. I love the pally set, was checking it out at the mailbox. Totally need a mace or sword though, pally's cant use daggers!

  4. what settings do you play on? That is hella bright.

  5. Alliance just stat there and let you take pictures?

    Grats on almost being done the set it looks awesome.