Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You Fail At Addons If...

So it is Tuesday and besides Free Loot it means it is time for the weekly fail. I still find it amusing Tuesday's are my most popular blog days. Wonder if this is because it is fail day or if it is because of down time. Or maybe both? Regardless, time to give you all what you came to see!

You Fail At Addons If...
  • When someone says "Omen" you mistake it for "Oh Man"
  • You answer your in game mails one at a time
  • You don't use any raid frame and that includes the default UI
  • You think DBM is short for Damn Bowel Movements
  • You doing anything on the AH without Auctioneer
  • You open your bags individually instead of having a ong bag mod
  • You never update them and wonder why you are lagging and crashing
  • You respond to raid whispers telling you to get out of fire, green shit, or bite someone
  • The question "why I need a range frame?" has ever left your mouth
  • You thought someone on vent was always yelling "runaway little girl"
  • You call big brother a liar because I DIDN'T BREAK THAT SHEEP
  • You don't use a decurse mod if you are a decursing class
  • You set the mod "Auto Vendor" at epic threshold
  • You are a pally without pally power
  • After a patch you forget to click on the "load out of date addons" when you log in
  • You use Curse and not WoWace

and finally

  • You have no idea what I am talking about.

That is it! May your Free Loot Tuesday not be filled with shards and other useless crap no one wants besides that idiot who will equipped anything.


  1. ROFL damn bowel movements. That was awesome, you win the internet again.


  2. you can set auto vender to epic?

  3. Whoa...nice to see you plug WOWAce. Can't stand Curse myself although others love it.

    Have you ever done a blog post with what you currently use for add-ons, what you love, like, hate but use, wouldn't touch with a 50-foot Molson's?

    That would be interesting.

  4. you don't need addons if you know how to play