Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ask Gauss

So it is Sunday and the weekend is about over, which is kind of depressing. Didn't help anymore so that it was a horrible day outside. What does this have to do with anything? Nothing I just didn't have a good way to intro the post today so figured this would work. Of course I just told you that was what I was doing so that ruined the whole thing. Whatever, let's just get to the questions.

So of all the things in the game what bothers you the most?

Well this is a pretty open question. I could choose something that bothers the crap out of me. For example why my backpack is only a 16 slot bag and I can't upgrade it. I think I curse about this everyday at least a few times. There is also the fact that none of the wrath weapon enchants have cool effects. I am guessing some people complained the effects in BC were too overdone. Well those people can kiss my ass. I want my berzerking enchant to look cool not like a beatslaying born again crap. Add to the list the turtle mount. I really think there is some GMs laughing at me somewhere. In addition PvP guilds and their need to write their guild names in all caps. Is there a story behind this or are they all retarded? The fact I can't just buy my gems with triumph and have to covert them all the way down. So I guess there are a lot of things that bug my everyday. This is also just off the top of my head. Wonder how many I could come up with after thinking about it.

Your favourite "bad" character in Warcraft Lore?

Well it is by far Deathwing, which is the reason I am pretty pumped for Cataclysm. He really is the classic fall from good grace bad guy. He also has one focus destroying everything, and can careless who or what gets in his way. Only a champ would smelt armor to his own skin.

Other "bad" characters I like which we have yet to see in WoW are.

Azshara: Most powerful wielder of magic
Neptulon: The water version of Ragnaros
Cho'gal: Gul'dan's apprentice and the one who resurrected C'thun
Sargeras: A titan gone bad. The evil of all evil basicaly. Most likely the last boss in WoW.

What can you not raid without?

Easy Dr. Pepper.

That is it for this week's questions. Be sure to send your questions along throughout the week. Next Friday's reader's post will be the topic of this week's first question. Tell me something that bugs you in this game, and of course why it does so.

Enjoy what is left of your weekend!


  1. I can't raid without popcorn


  2. Azshara will get all the horny guys their fill